David Takeuchi

David Takeuchi

David Takeuchi is a sociologist who researches social, structural and cultural factors linked to health outcomes among racial and ethnic minorities. For his work as well as mentorship he has earned multiple awards.

He is currently a professor at the University of Washington. His research focuses on community-based initiatives, exploring issues related to social equity, racial conflict, and health services.

Early Life and Education

David Takeuchi was raised in a seaside family home on the Severn Estuary. An enthusiastic fisherman, he developed an admiration for nature’s bounty.

His childhood fascination with animal biology inspired him to consider a medical career; however, he quickly disapproved of animal owners’ impatient responses when their pets experienced health issues.

David Takeuchi is a sociolog with postdoctoral training in epidemiology and health services research. His work explores how social, structural, and cultural circumstances influence health outcomes among racial and ethnic minorities as well as exploring how different groups access healthcare services within their communities.

Professional Career

David Takeuchi is a sociolog with postdoctoral training in epidemiology and health services research. His work explores how social, structural and cultural contexts can shape different outcomes. He is an expert on the use of healthcare services by diverse populations and widely recognized for his contributions to ethnic minority mental health issues.

He served as BCSSW’s inaugural Dorothy Book Scholar in 2013, and is also co-founder of RISE3 – BCSSW’s Research in Social, Economic, and Environmental Equity initiative that seeks to understand and address social inequities to create more equitable systems of care. Furthermore, he holds the role of associate dean for faculty excellence with a mission to enhance BCSSW’s academic rigor and scholarship output.

Achievement and Honors

David Takeuchi is an associate dean for faculty excellence at Boston College School of Social Work (BCSSW). In this role, he assists BCSSW faculty and researchers establish new research initiatives, advance their professional careers, and uncover lucrative scholarship opportunities.

He specializes in Gerontology, Mental Health, Public Health and Demography with an emphasis on ethnic minority populations. His research is multidisciplinary, drawing from disciplines such as Developmental psychology, Prevalence of mental disorders, National Comorbidity Survey and Acculturation alongside Psychiatry.

He has received numerous honors, including the American Sociological Association’s Leonard I. Pearlin Award for Distinguished Contributions to Sociology of Mental Health; a Legacy Award from Family Research Consortium for Outstanding Research and Mentoring; and a Research Innovations Award from National Institutes of Health.

Personal Life

David Takeuchi was born into a working-class family in Hawai’i. His father, Hideji, worked in the pineapple and sugar cane fields while his mother Chieko worked as both as a waitress during the day and barmaid at night.

He had no scholarly role models or any clear path towards an academic career, so his freshman year at the University of Hawai’i proved disastrous. He failed most of his courses and was placed on academic probation.

That experience fueled his intellectual thirst to study race and deepened his internal struggle to comprehend it. It also altered his perspectives on scholarship, race relations, and politics in general.

Net Worth

David Takeuchi is an auto racing driver renowned for his impressive driving abilities. A Japanese native, he has won multiple races throughout his career. Additionally, David has received recognition for his research and mentoring work; earning both the Legacy Award from Family Research Consortium and Innovations Award from National Center on Health and Health Disparities. Additionally, David serves as co-principal investigator on the National Latino and Asian American Study.

David Takeuchi’s estimated net worth as of 9 June 2008 is $42 Thousand Dollars. He owns more than 1,000 units of Tenneco stock and has made at least one trade; the largest being buying 1,000 shares on June 9th for over $21,700.

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