David Tanury

David Tanury – Rhode Island Guitar-Slinging Legend

David Tanury is a legendary Rhode Island guitarist. He’s the founding member of Rizzz, an inductee into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame, and an all-around talented individual.

His music has had a lasting impact on fashion and nightlife across the UK and beyond, inspiring artists such as Kylie Minogue and Katy Perry to tour.

Early Life and Education

David Tanury is an entrepreneur who founded James Tanury & Associates in Birmingham, MI. This engineering and design firm provided local tool builders as well as the Big Three auto companies with a variety of process engineering services. Their success was due to hard work, dedication and sacrifice – qualities which remain today at their headquarters.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkley and then went on to obtain his law degree from Loyola University Chicago, after serving three years in the United States Army. Presently a GS-15 at the Department of Labor in Chicago, where he has worked since 2012. His salary is currently listed as $151,510 by Federal Pay – an organization which publishes salary data for federal employees.

Professional Career

David Tanury has made a name for himself in Rhode Island’s music scene over the years. He’s toured the country, recording several notable albums while also working as an engineer and engineer at Tanury Industries – his family-owned electroplating company. Now serving as senior vice president of Tanury Industries, his role includes overseeing their marketing, human resources and customer relations departments. David brings an eclectic blend of experience while keeping their business competitive in an ever-evolving industry; currently based in Providence, he combines traditional skillset to ensure they remain competitive within their industry.

Personal Life

Dave Tanury has had a storied musical career. He is renowned for his impressive guitar playing prowess, and has shared the stage with many renowned national acts.

He is a member of Brass Attack, a 10-piece band featuring horns and performing popular music from the 1930s to today. His work with Brass Attack has been well received by his local audience and has led him to great success.

He began playing guitar in 1965 after watching The Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan Show. Today he is considered one of Rhode Island’s finest guitarists and has been inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame. Additionally, he has performed with The Kinks, Kenny Loggins, Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt and many others, serving as an inspiration to countless Rhode Island musicians.

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