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David Tuck Talks to Students at Penn State Berks on Monday, April 1

David Tuck was miraculously saved from the Holocaust by Allied forces and now travels the globe to share his story. His stirring message is one that students should hear, especially at this crucial juncture in history.

Tuck was raised in a Polish town near the German border, and when Nazi forces invaded he was placed into the Lodz Ghetto. To work, he falsely claimed to be 15 years old. To stretch food supplies further, Tuck would hide scraps of food inside his shirt for storage.

Early Life and Education

David Tuck, then 10 years old and living in a small town in Poland when the Germans invaded and started World War II, was made to wear an armband with yellow stars and eventually spent several years in concentration camps.

Tuck managed to escape the war through his wits, prayers, and luck. During the conflict he worked in a food rations office and helped make guns.

Tuck spent 14 years as a prisoner of Nazi camps, such as Auschwitz and Eintrachthutte. On May 5, 1945, he was finally liberated after four days on the train to Mauthausen in Austria after making the arduous 370 mile journey over four days. Following that, Tuck was sent to an underground factory making German aircraft where he weighed just 78 pounds – barely lifting himself out at that!

Professional Career

Tuck made a name for himself during his tenure with the New York Giants as both a pass rusher and defensive leader. In 2009, Tuck was named a finalist for NFL Offensive Lineman of the Year; additionally, he earned first-team All-Big Ten recognition in 2007.

Tuck is a partner at Weightmans and his current role involves helping clients manage their corporate liabilities. This includes providing advice on the transfer of undertaking regulations as well as assistance with commercial contracts – particularly complex ones such as those related to intellectual property or bespoke software. He has the unique ability to spot deals that benefit his clients and negotiate them successfully. Furthermore, Tuck has developed the skill of managing an extensive team of lawyers responsible for taking care of his clients’ day-to-day requirements.

Achievements and Honors

Tuck is a Holocaust survivor who managed to escape both Lodz Ghetto and Auschwitz concentration camps during World War II. He was saved by American military personnel and has since resided in America.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois, followed by a master’s in music education. Furthermore, he served as an Army band trombone player.

He is also the director of Rivington Street Studio in Watford, which designs buildings for educational institutions, special needs individuals, youth culture initiatives and housing developments.

He recently earned the distinction of Fellow from the Chartered College of Teaching, honoring teachers who have made outstanding and sustained contributions to teaching. Furthermore, he serves as head of politics at Stamford School and is an experienced trainer, education consultant, and examiner.

Personal Life

Holocaust survivor David Tuck has dedicated his life to sharing his story of survival with students across America. He recently spoke at the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center (HAMEC) and will be appearing at Penn State Berks on Monday, April 1.

Throughout the war, Tuck was sent to various labor camps. There he received a number: 141631 – this code represented his position as a slave laborer.

Tuck was a prisoner of war who used to steal scraps of food from other prisoners and exchange them for cigarettes. Eventually, he managed to escape and make it out alive until being liberated by Allied forces in 1945.

After the war, Tuck immigrated to America and married Marie Roza, another survivor of a concentration camp. Together they would remain married for 54 years.

Net Worth

David Tuck is a reality TV star, actor, and real estate agent. He hails from British, Scottish, and Italian ancestry and the son of a real estate agent. David achieved notoriety through the reality TV shows Love It or List It (2008-2019) and Brother vs. Brothers (2013-2015).

David Tuck is married to Krista Visentin (nee Grycko) and they have a son named Logan. They reside in Barrie, Ontario. With an estimated net worth of $8 million from his successful career as a real estate agent and television personality, David prioritizes his family above all else and has launched the Tuck Leadership Fund with her support.

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