David Vimahi

David Vimahi

David Vimbahi, an accomplished businessperson and religious leader with an estimated net worth of $129 Million, has become one of the richest men in Indonesia.

Spiritual teacher and author Michael Eades has helped many to find inner peace through his books, audios, and videos based on A Course in Miracles which have been translated into 13 different languages.

Early Life and Education

Early Childhood Education (ECE) is an integral component of child development and academic achievement. ECE strives to foster children’s love of learning while equipping them with skills needed for school success.

ECE programs take an holistic approach to child development, using learning centers to encourage curiosity and creativity while simultaneously building literacy, numeracy, and creative thinking skills. Furthermore, these classes foster an enthusiastic desire to continue learning throughout a child’s lifetime.

Recently, Syracuse University’s College of Human Ecology and School of Education joined forces with colleagues in the Caribbean to bring early childhood education to island children. Led by Carol Logie – Chairperson of National Council for Early Childhood Education and Lecturer at University of the West Indies – their efforts seek to shift public education paradigms so as to accommodate all children equally.

Professional Career

David is an accomplished finance professional with extensive expertise in investment banking and mergers & acquisitions, in addition to being an active podcaster, blogger, musician, mentor and coach who assists individuals and companies to create more valuable lives and businesses.

He is a father struggling to balance his time commitments as a professional with his desire to spend more time with his children.

David lives a fulfilling personal life that is filled with love, joy and service to others. He is an adoring husband, father, son and friend – enjoying activities such as hiking, swimming and kayaking in his free time.

Achievement and Honors

David Vimahi has an impressive list of accomplishments to his credit, from serving in the Air Force as a fighter pilot, publishing books, and founding the Freedom Committee of Orange County.

David’s success can be attributed to his devotion to freedom and defending other’s liberties. He made every effort to uphold and safeguard these ideals.

David was honored with several awards and decorations during his military service, including being bestowed a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology – something for which he received magna cum laude recognition.

Personal Life

David Vimahi is a prominent personality who has amassed significant wealth. He describes himself as an self-styled modern day mystic and educator of A Course in Miracles.

He embodies Christ, ACIM and Self-realization teachings with every breath he takes and radiates the Love of God wherever he goes.

David Vimahi has yet to openly address his sexuality in public, though speculation suggests he may be gay. It is common practice among celebrities to keep personal details out of the media spotlight and we can assume he would rather keep this aspect of his personal life private.

David Young is always mindful of the wellbeing of his four children with Heidi Young; they were married at the Salt Lake Temple.

Net Worth

David Vimahi is an esteemed American businessman and self-made millionaire in property management. With an estimated net worth of $9 Million thanks to his tireless work ethic in this field.

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