David Wagener

David Wagener

David Wagener is an associate in Skadden’s Finance practice and represents both borrowers and lenders in financing transactions across a wide variety of industries.

He also serves on his firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee and as board member and storyteller with 2nd Story, an organization which promotes DEI through personal stories.

Early Life and Education

David was raised in Easton, Pennsylvania under his father Daniel Wagener who was both an active miller and prominent businessman. Additionally he held office as Northampton County Judge and one of its leading citizens in his community.

He served as captain in the Easton Union Guards, an elite unit which quickly rose to become one of Easton’s most disciplined and distinguished military units. Filled with some of its leading citizens, its ranks quickly filled out.

In 1832, he was elected to serve four terms in Congress during a time when immigration and economic expansion was occurring rapidly, creating an uncomfortable political atmosphere and raising contentious issues such as public education, expanded voting rights and slavery that demanded attention.

Professional Career

David Wagner is an American professional football coach who has worked for multiple teams over his career. Currently managing Huddersfield Town and previously serving as Borussia Dortmund II manager.

He made great strides while at the club, leading them to achieve promotion to the third division of German football – an impressive feat for a second-tier side – as well as keeping them within league membership for two seasons.

Professionally, he is well known for his passion and enthusiasm in soccer, both of which translate to an engaging performance on the pitch. Off the pitch, his good nature and witty banter is equally entertaining.

Achievement and Honors

David Wagener has experienced much success as an engraver, receiving several prestigious awards including Carl Hertzog Award for Excellence in Book Design as well as California Book Club Oscar Lewis Award.

Artist Paul Dupuis has had his work displayed both domestically and abroad, with exhibitions taking place both domestically and abroad, along with being invited to give presentations about it. Dupuis was invited as a guest lecturer at University of California Berkeley as well as invited to give a presentation at Reva and David Logan Symposium on Artist’s Books held in San Francisco.

In 2013, he joined with New Zealand poet Alan Loney to produce Loom: an abstract color wood engraving book and poetry response published by Nawakum Press/Mixolydian Editions 2014.

Personal Life

David Wagener found solace in meditation following an initially challenging start in life. Learning its power from Ram Dass, it has transformed his life forever.

David started teaching meditation both privately and within various group settings. Drawing upon over two decades of experience, he created his own Living Meditation method – now widely used.

He teaches people the art of meditation so they can incorporate it into their everyday lives. With a selection of techniques available to them, he ensures they find one that best fits them.

David married Jill Wagner in April 2017. They now share one daughter named Army Gray who was born in 2020.

Net Worth

David Wagner has amassed an estimated net worth of around $1,058,400 through acting.

He and Jill Wagner share three children together.

Since April 2017 this couple have been living happily together in Los Angeles.

Jill is an American actress and television personality, best known for her appearances on ABC show Wipeout.

She and Wagner share two daughters together; Army Gray was born on 17 April 2020 while their second daughter is expected sometime around late 2020.

He serves as a director at Pinnacle West Capital Corp, owning approximately 600 shares.

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