David Waldron

David Waldron

David Waldron is an American actor, producer and casting director born on June 17th 1980 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He is renowned for his work in television, movies and commercials. Learn more about his career, education background and net worth.

He is a solicitor advocate and accredited mediator, offering advice to clients in international commercial disputes, including insolvency and restructuring cases.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Waldron has extensive professional experience as both a solicitor advocate and accredited mediator in the legal profession. He assists clients in international commercial disputes involving aviation, oil & gas operations, as well as alternative energy sectors.

He also works as an expert witness and testifies before the court. Additionally, he has written self-improvement books and articles on personal investing, organizational effectiveness, team effectiveness, individual effectiveness, postsecondary career education and goal setting.

He runs Waldron Enterprises, a family business in Murfressboro, Tennessee. With an enthusiasm for family businesses and entrepreneurship, he founded the Waldron Center for Entrepreneurship & Family Business to assist students and families with their entrepreneurial endeavors. This center promotes innovation through academic engagement, workshops, and outreach – all funded by his wife Betsy and sons Charles and Greg.

Achievements and Honors

David Waldron is a solicitor advocate and accredited mediator, with expertise in international commercial disputes such as aviation, oil and gas, alternative energy sources, investment funds, private equity firms, supply agreements, joint ventures, litigation, bankruptcy and restructuring. Additionally, his experience spans fraud investigation and asset tracing matters.

David is a Senior Finance Manager at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, overseeing funding operations of an annual program worth $1 billion. Additionally, he serves on the National Defense Industrial Association’s New England chapter board and volunteers for Unit Scholarship Fund, providing merit-based scholarships to families of special operations members.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, as well as a Master of Science in Leader Development from Long Island University and Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Public Administration from Syracuse University.

Personal Life

David Waldron was born on June 17, 1980 in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently works as a Casting Director, Producer and Actor.

He currently resides on San Juan Island, Washington State and runs Quality Value Investing – an investment service designed to assist people build portfolios that support their life’s significant milestones.

He serves on the board of directors for Spring Street School in Friday Harbor, leading their campus facility design since 2003. Additionally, he volunteers his time to his community by leading a local Cub Scout pack and supporting Island Rec’s children’s programs. Furthermore, he was an original member of Friday Harbor Historic Preservation Review Board.

Net Worth

David Waldron is a member of the Board of Directors at Spring Street School, which he founded in 2003. Additionally, he supervises the construction of new facilities for the school.

As of November 22nd 2022, his estimated net worth is $66.4 million dollars. Additionally, he owns 76,683 shares of Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS).

CAB believes Waldron and his wife Charlene lied to the court regarding their income. They claimed EUR700 a week in pandemic unemployment benefits but did not disclose their rental income.

They own three houses, including the 3,000 sq ft Darview mansion in Co Wexford. It is believed that the money behind this construction was obtained illegally through proceeds of crime.

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