David Whittington

David Whittington

David Whittington is a well-known attorney based in South Carolina who has been providing legal assistance to clients since 1987. His practice specializes in representing insurance companies, businesses and individuals in numerous civil litigation cases.

He has an impressive track record for success in representing clients in cases involving wrongful death, personal injury, product liability, construction defects, insurance bad faith, medical malpractice and partnership disputes.

Early Life and Education

David was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland where he still resides with his family today. A successful businessman for many years, David is now retired.

His passion for music extended to travel abroad. Additionally, he enjoyed civic involvement and watching sports with friends.

He began his career in the transportation industry, but eventually transitioned into entertainment marketing and achieved great success there. Today his net worth exceeds $500,000.

Professional Career

David has established himself as a highly regarded management and marketing consultant to the domestic and international leisure time/travel/entertainment industries. His skills span operational management, marketing, promotions, corporate partnering, business investment funding and project development.

His work has resulted in fee values ranging from five figures to several million dollars. Furthermore, he has spearheaded numerous industry award-winning initiatives and marketing campaigns.

His expertise in town planning entails providing creative planning strategies to add value to development projects of all sizes and sectors of the market. He has extensive knowledge promoting mixed use developments and prime residential projects throughout central and greater London areas, with a particular focus on helping clients make the most of their land while benefitting both their communities and bottom lines.

Achievements and Honors

David Whittington has extensive experience in the fields of business investment funding and promotion of leisure time/travel/entertainment products to both domestic and international markets. Additionally, he is an active participant in numerous community organizations and serves on several boards.

He currently works as a Section 508 Subject Matter Expert for the US Census Bureau, overseeing enterprise-wide Section 508 governance and training initiatives.

He also teaches courses on public policy and government. In 2017, the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration awarded him with the Leslie Whittington Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Personal Life

David dedicated his life to his family, especially his two sons Bryan and Kelly. He enjoyed spending time with them during all their activities – from football to band – and was always supportive of whatever they were doing.

He enjoyed sharing his knowledge and expertise about genealogy with others, traveling with them, and caring for their animals. All who knew him will cherish the memories he left behind.

David provides educational law advice to a number of dioceses and schools throughout the UK, contributing to LBMW’s “Education Answers” bank of standard guidance and information as well as being one of the lead authors on Church of England model documents on school development and academies.

Net Worth

RD Whittington is a car broker who specializes in exotic and luxury car sales. He often rubs shoulders with A-list celebrities, and boasts an impressive social media following.

He currently has a net worth of $10.4 million as of 27 August 2020, which is calculated based on his income and social standing.

David Whittington was born on January 9, 1967 and is 56 years old. He currently resides at 6232 Charisma Crt, Fort Worth, TX 76131-1289.

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