Dawn George

Dawn George

Dawn George creates films, videos, photographs and installations that celebrate movement, nature, science and sound. She often uses natural materials collected in the wild to capture unique moments in time.

This passage conveys George’s decision to depart Winesburg and move to the city, while some residents will continue their lives in Winesburg after George leaves.

Early Life and Education

Dawn was born in Newark, NJ to a vibrant family environment. She embraced both the American Dream and an unbreakable spirit that never quit.

Dawn is a professional organizer who assists her clients in turning personal and small business chaos into order. As both a Certified Professional Organiser and Evernote Certified Consultant, Dawn can help transform chaos into calm.

Her work showcases her fascination with movement, nature and science. She has created time lapse mold, intimate moments with insects and eco-processed film from plants.

Dr. George earned her undergraduate degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI in 2002 and went on to complete residency training at the University of South Carolina Palmetto Health Alliance in Columbia, SC (2002-2004) and Medical University of Ohio in Toledo, OH (2004-2006). She is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Professional Career

Dawn brings to her professional life an array of experiences. As a member of the Firm’s Human Resources group, she has been exposed to all facets of employee relations – from recruiting and hiring through termination and benefits administration.

She is an expert in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), providing advice and training on how to successfully implement a strategic DEI program in the workplace.

As a legal expert, she utilizes her extensive understanding of HR law to assist her clients meet their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion objectives while avoiding costly legal pitfalls. This includes providing comprehensive ADAAA compliance training and assistance as well as successfully litigating several age discrimination claims in both state and federal court.

Achievements and Honors

This hardworking employee holds the prestigious title of executive director at FutureCare Irvington, an assisted living community with more than 125 units. Since being awarded a scholarship to attend University of Delaware in the 1970s, she has dedicated herself to making life better for residents and their families. With an ever-expanding portfolio of clients served by professional staff members including clerical, dietary, and housekeeping specialists, being part of such an amazing organization has been nothing short of an absolute joy – particularly being active as she gets to learn from peers on a regular basis.

Personal Life

Dawn George has always been known for her compassion. She excelled in every area of her life–studying, mothering, loving partner and friend alike.

She has an immense love of nature and camping. She would spend quality time with her family camping at least once every month.

Her admiration of the outdoors has inspired her career choices and interests. She is an enthusiastic film maker who crafts films with animals she finds in nature.

Her experimental works have featured captivating images of time lapse mold and plant growth, intimate moments with insects, as well as eco-processed film made from fruits and vegetables. Her films and installations have been screened at numerous festivals and galleries around the world; she is a founding member of Handmade Film Collective.

Net Worth

Dawn George is a filmmaker who creates films with living creatures she encounters in nature. Her work showcases her fascination and respect for movement, science, and sound.

Her film and video works have been exhibited around the world, featuring time lapse mold, intimate moments with insects, as well as eco-processed film from plants.

Dawn George Organizing began more than 16 years ago to help clients transform their personal and small business chaos into peace. As a Certified Professional Organiser and Evernote Certified Consultant, she is an expert in this area of expertise.

Her father, Tony Hulman George, was the Chairman, CEO, and President of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation. Additionally, he founded the Indy Racing League and played an instrumental role in developing its road circuit. Estimates place his net worth at approximately $200 Million.

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