Dealer portrait: Zweirad Voit in Sandelzhausen

Zweirad Voit in Sandelzhausen Zweirad Voit in Sandelzhausen: one of the first quad dealers who brought ATVs and quads to Germanyis one of the first quad dealers who brought ATVs and quads to Germany: Günther Voit started selling ATVs and quads back in 1988, and since then he has been well known in the scene in Bavaria and throughout Germany.
He started with Yamaha, followed by Honda and Kawasaki, and since 2000 Zweirad Voit has also had Can-Am in its range – as the second dealer in Germany. Günther Voit can claim to be one of the pioneers in the quad sector. You have to have a lot of passion for such a topic to start from the front row. After all, there was no market for these vehicles and the target group was not clearly defined. Such growth would probably not have been possible without a great deal of commitment and persuasion from Günther. In the meantime, even the hop farmers in Günther’s surroundings – the Holledau – have learned to appreciate the usefulness of the crawling stuff.

Zweirad Voit in Sandelzhausen: Great importance is attached to advice

Günther’s counseling sessions ensure that it’s not always easy to get him on the phone. Zweirad Voit in Sandelzhausen: Advice & petrol talks at the open dayAs an all-rounder in sales, service and in the workshop, he has quite a workload to cope with. But the quad rider himself is calm and level-headed, and so the backlog of advice always resolves itself really quickly.

Racing: at the forefront

Even as a racing driver, Günther Voit has been involved in racing with Voit Racing for years, especially in the Alpine Challenge, which started this year and in which, in addition to quads, ATVs and side-by-sides in the four-wheel sector, snowmobiles are also used Battle for places and ranks. Zweirad Voit in Sandelzhausen: Günther Voit is one of the first quad dealers who brought ATVs and quads to Germany“It’s definitely a spectacular sight for the spectators,” says Günther happily.

special conversions

Günther also carries out conversions specifically for racing vehicles, including tuning, on his dynamometer. He has signed two successful drivers – Jörg Knarr and the only 16-year-old Belgian Robin Grieven: They will compete in the German Championship and occasionally in European Championship races.
In addition, special conversions for ATVs and side-by-sides are carried out, which are used by the mountain rescue service, the fire brigade and the hut keepers. Also special Holzrücke trailers are built and sold.
Retrofittable power steering is new in the program at Zweirad Voit in Sandelzhausen Two-wheel Voitcan be used for well-known manufacturers in the ATV and SSV sector. yeah

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