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Deborah Adams Passes Away

Deborah Adams has long demonstrated a dedication to her community through her role as Teton County Library Director. Through challenging economic times, Deborah led Teton County Library successfully.

She has made significant strides toward strengthening the role of volunteer Library Friends, while developing and encouraging new community collaborations to ensure Teton County Library remains an integral part of its surrounding community.

Early Life and Education

Deb was brought up in a family that fostered reading and learning, such as her parents, grandparents and aunts. Her artistic talent flourished at Crawford School where her artwork graced its bulletin boards for decades.

At home and at church, she excelled at cooking; honing her skills at her mother’s and grandmother’s tables. Over her lifetime, she delighted countless generations of family, friends, churchgoers and strangers alike with her culinary masterpieces.

Her passion for history combined with her keen research and reading abilities made her an invaluable asset in her academic research work, specifically regarding asset-based antipoverty initiatives, financial inclusion products/programs/education as well as asset based poverty initiatives/products/programs; she published numerous articles pertaining to these subjects.

Professional Career

Deb Adams had an outstanding professional career in media. She held editorial and reporting positions at several newspapers such as Akron Beacon Journal, Virginian-Pilot, Detroit Free Press and Hartford Courant.

She also worked as a writer and producer in corporate video and television production, winning multiple television awards as a result and boasting an extensive clientele.

She enjoyed boating and spending quality time with family and friends. In her free time, she volunteered at Wellspring Community Church as well as participating in both College and Pro Football communities. Furthermore, she has served on the board of Project Return Inc and been very involved in Hillsborough County Community affairs.

Achievement and Honors

Deb Adams is widely respected and well-liked within her community and has achieved numerous honors and awards over her long career.

She has been an educator for 30 years and is known to inspire children through learning. She ardently promotes an appreciation for education by providing the tools and resources that empower students to meet their goals.

As Director for Teton County Libraries since 2011, she has encouraged staff members to create new and meaningful community collaborations that address key issues affecting their respective areas.

Personal Life

She led an active life and enjoyed exploring new experiences. She especially liked playing sports and embarking on new adventures.

She enjoyed reading and was knowledgeable in various subjects. Additionally, she was active in her community by volunteering for numerous organizations.

She was an extremely compassionate individual who used her blog to raise awareness of issues like domestic violence. Additionally, she wrote extensively on sustainable living practices and homeopathic remedies; providing valuable insights and a great resource. Her blog provided great resources for learning more about sustainable living practices and homeopathy remedies; truly an inspirational person whose memory will live on among family and friends alike.

Net Worth

Deborah Adams’ estimated net worth as of 19 March 2020 stands at at least $2.75 Million, as reported on 19 March 2020. She owns 10,000 units of Gulfport stock worth over $2,481,137 as well as earning $269,988 as an Independent Director at Gulfport Energy Corporation (GPORQ). Since 2019, Ms Adams has made one trade of GPOR stock – purchasing 10,000 shares on 19 March 2020 worth $36,900 at auction – selling 0 shares and buying no further shares over 18 months; her estimated annual net worth growth stands at 43% year over 5 years – she holds 27428 shares and has traded on 625 occasions since 2018.

Debra Adams leaves behind her beloved husband of 50 years, Donald R Adams; son Donnie Ray Adams Jr and daughter Angie Van Hook; as well as siblings Larry Doane, Sherry Gatti, Tommie Gribble and Judy Freeman as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

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