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Decorate with pampas grass – a new trend is conquering the interior scene

All friends of modern design are interested in the latest in interior design and decoration. If you belong to this group, then you have already seen some fluffy weed on Instagram, Pinterest or in living magazines. This is the pampas grass, which stands out due to its unique appearance. It looks extremely stylish, minimalist and feminine and has totally conquered our rooms this year. Even a little more. Decorating with pampas grass is super modern at the moment and that has established itself as the latest decoration trend in interiors. Pampas grass brings a distinct boho or vintage flair to our four walls and is reminiscent of the childhood years that you may have spent in the country with your grandparents. Arranged in a large, chic floor vase, the fluffy creamy white fronds immediately attract everyone’s attention. They transform into a soft accent in the interior and at the same time can be easily inscribed anywhere. You will find out right away how to put pampas grass in the limelight!

Arrange the pampas grass in a vase and you don’t need any other decoration!

Pampasgras dekorieren in Vase arrangieren einfach gestalteter Wohnraum neutrale Farbpalette weich

Use the pampas grass as an eye-catcher and benefit from its natural charm

There are no doubt some clever ways you can decorate your interiors with pampas grass and bring out those fluffy fronds. Above all, however, is the possibility of using this ornamental grass as an accent piece. It makes a special impression thanks to its natural, rather fluffy look. In addition, it immediately transforms into a preferred eye-catcher in the room where it is used. Regardless of whether it is the bedroom or living room, the dining room or the hallway. Everywhere you can improve the overall impression of the appropriate ambience with a single stem. The fluffy fronds feel soft and fluffy and achieve an excellent visual effect. However, that doesn’t mean you need a ton of pampas grass for decorating the room. But on the contrary! In most cases, one, two, or a maximum of three stems are sufficient to achieve the wow factor.

It is best to let its natural beauty come into its own.

Pampasgras dekorieren in einer kleinen schwarzen Vase in der Ecke Schlafzimmer simpel natürlich schön

Pampas grass can be easily combined with other natural textures.

The general rule when decorating with pampas grass is to keep things simple. As I said before, a few stems in a vase create a highly effective visual impact without cluttering the room. Choose a nice vase for the ornamental grass and that’s it! This could be made of glass, but also ceramic, wood or concrete. The pampas grass can be easily combined with such elements. Then you can place the vase directly on the floor, on a side table or a chest of drawers. The fluffy ornamental grass cuts a fine figure everywhere. Avoid any frills when decorating or reduce them to a minimum. So you couldn’t go wrong in your interior!

Fans of minimalism will appreciate the pampas grass in the room decoration.

Pampasgras dekorieren Minimalismus ein paar Wedel im kleinen Gefäß arrangiert auf der Kommode weiße Kerze runder Spiegel

The special ornamental grass has rightly established itself as a new trend in the interior this year.

Pampasgras dekorieren Wohnzimmer minimalistisch Sitzbank Deko Kissen Steine als Schmuck

A neutral palette of colors in the room is the most suitable background when decorating with pampas grass

Neutral color palettes can benefit from the decorative potential of pampas grass. There are practically unlimited combinations as any neutral color goes well with this dry weed. For example, it can be paired with white, gray or beige. Avoid saturated colors because they can only spoil the visual effect of the pampas grass. For those of you who like contrasts, we have an interesting suggestion to try out. Take a chic black glass vase and arrange the stems with the fluffy fronds in it. The soft creamy white shade of the grass and the black of the vase create a delicate contrast in this case. However, you prefer neutral colors if you want to decorate with pampas grass. The fronds serve as a subtle accent and can really bring out any neutral color palette.

The ornamental grass feels particularly good when it is surrounded by warm, neutral tones.

Pampasgras dekorieren neutrale warme Farbtöne kleiner Hocker Vase mit Ziergras Blickfang

Its natural beauty comes to the fore in a minimalist ambience.

Pampasgras dekorieren minimalistisch eingerichtetes Esszimmer Esstisch Stühle Hängelampe Sideboard Vase mit Ziergras runder Spiegel

The black vase and the creamy white fronds create a gentle contrast.

Pampasgras dekorieren toller Hingucker schwarze Vase cremeweiße flauschige Wedel bilden sanften Kontrast

Pampas grass can be used in many ways as a decoration

The dried pampas grass can be used as a decoration in different rooms. As already shown, it fits perfectly in a minimalist living or dining room, but also in a Scandinavian room design, because its fronds look noble and puristic. In addition, it can be a special eye-catcher in a simply designed bedroom and bring more naturalness and romance to the room. Without a doubt, the pampas grass brings a feminine charm to the ambience. Ornamental grass can also spice up the hallway or entrance area of ​​your home and serve as a natural eye-catcher there. Combine the dry ornamental grass with other natural materials such as rattan and wicker and you get a stylish ambience. Many homeowners even pair the pampas grass with succulents and cacti to bring a stronger feeling of nature into their own four walls.

The special ornamental grass looks minimalist and feminine at the same time.

Pampasgras dekorieren Wohnzimmer Blickfang in Vase minimalistisches Ambiente feminine Note

You couldn’t ask for more natural charm in the entrance area, right?

Pampasgras dekorieren hohe Vase im Eingangsbereich viel natürlicher Charme Vintage Schrank in der Ecke

With succulents and dried flowers, the pampas grass forms a very special decorative combination!

Pampasgras dekorieren herrliche Raumdekoration mit Sukkulenten getrocknete Blumen besondere Kombination toller Hingucker

When it comes to room decoration, pampas grass can do a lot more. Its biggest plus, however, is the ability to bring a boho and vintage flair to the room. In this regard, the pampas grass is simply unmatched! For example, at a boho wedding, you can decorate the whole room with pampas grass. In this way you achieve a unique visual effect that the wedding guests will never forget. Even the bridal couple! The following pictures can serve as a source of inspiration for you.

Pampasgras dekorieren Hochzeit in Boho Style Esstisch üppig dekoriert mit Grün Ziergras Blumen weiße Kerzen

The room is lavishly decorated with pampas grass for the boho wedding.

Pampasgras dekorieren üppige Raumdeko für die Hochzeit in Boho Style Ziergras hängt von der Decke

Pampasgras dekorieren stilvolle Raumdeko Hochzeit in Boho Style herrliche Idee Kristallkronleuchter einfache Möbel weiße Bezüge

Pampas grass is an all-rounder when it comes to room decoration.

Pampasgras dekorieren Allrounder in Raumdeko minimalistisches Ambiente Dekoration über dem Esstisch Blickfang

You can also introduce other soft textures into the room.

Pampasgras dekorieren Esszimmer weiche Texturen Wurfdecke auf beiden Sitzbänken einladende Raumatmosphäre

As a decoration trend in interiors, the use of pampas grass is still a bit underestimated.

Pampasgras dekorieren Schlafzimmer in Boho Style weiche weiße Textilien eine grüne Topfpflanze

However, the fluffy ornamental grass is an eye-catcher in the interior.

Pampasgras dekorieren fluffige Wedel in Vase in der Ecke Schrank daneben Gefäß Bücher

And wins more and more fans!

Pampasgras dekorieren minimalistisches Schlafzimmer Hängelampe Hocker hohe Vase mit cremeweißen Wedeln arrangiert in der Ecke

Pampasgras dekorieren Wohnzimmer Sessel Kamin Vase mit trockenem Ziergras vor dem Fenster Stein daneben

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