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Decorating the Easter bush – a traditional decoration idea for Easter

Easter is undoubtedly the second largest family celebration on our calendar after Christmas. Like every year, we want to celebrate it together with friends and close relatives. Although it will be a little different this year due to lockdowns and the corona crisis, it does not mean that we cannot festively decorate our houses and gardens. Yes, you still have 2-3 weeks until Easter, which is why we want to present you great decoration ideas for indoors and outdoors. Today we’re talking about the traditional Easter shrub in the garden. The old custom of decorating a flowering shrub outside with colored eggs has been well preserved in all German-speaking countries. But if you don’t have a garden, you can bring spring into the house with a few flowering branches. Placed in a vase and magnificently decorated with Easter eggs, they make up the Easter bouquet. In the following we would like to explain when and how you decorate an Easter bush or bouquet.

Decorating an Easter bush – this is a widespread custom for Easter.

Osterstrauch schmücken alter Brauch einen blühenden Forsythienstrauch mit bunt bemalten Eiern verzieren

A small Easter bush also cuts a fine figure inside the vase.

Osterstrauch schmücken drinnen in der weißen Porzellankanne kahle Zweige bunte Eier kleine Frühlingsblumen Schmetterlinge hängen Blickfang

Where does the tradition of festively decorating an Easter bush come from?

First, let’s take a look back at the Easter custom. Easter is the oldest Christian festival, its origins can be found in pre-Christian times. In it, pagan and Christian customs are closely intermingled. From a linguistic point of view, Easter is derived from the name of the Germanic spring goddess Ostra, in whose honor large fires were lit as a symbol of the sun. After the long winter one waited longingly for the bright and warm spring. That is why a flowering shrub was decorated outside with brightly painted eggs. This is how the Osterstrach came into being as a symbol of awakening life. At the same time it stood for a new beginning – for the resurrection of Christ and the reawakening of nature. The beautifully decorated Easter eggs on the Easter bush have remained to this day as a symbol of fertility and new life. Today it is used to decorate indoors and outdoors to celebrate the beginning of spring and the resurrection of Christ.

The Easter bush outside stands for a new beginning in life.

Osterstrauch schmücken kleiener Buam draußen im Garten viele bunte Eier hängen an den kahlen Zweigen symbolisiert Neubeginn im Leben

Inside, the Easter bouquet has become an indispensable part of traditional Easter decorations.

Osterstrauch schmücken kahle Zweige im Blumentopf drinnen neben dem Fenster prächtig verziert bunt bemalte Eier schöne Osterdeko

How does the old custom live on today?

Today it is customary to decorate a flowering shrub in front of the front door with colored eggs just before Easter. You can blow out eggs yourself and paint them abundantly. However, in most cases plastic eggs are used for this. These are usually painted in the traditional colors of Easter and spring. For example, red stands for the sacrifice of Christ, yellow symbolizes wisdom. White is the ancient symbol for purity and innocence, green stands for a new beginning, blue for firmness in faith. Usually on Maundy Thursday you cut branches in the forest or in the garden. You put these in a vase at home. At room temperature, they should sprout by Easter Sunday. Traditionally, birch, cherry or hazel branches are cut for this, but branches of palm cats and pussy willows, forsythia and corkscrew hazels are also well used. On Holy Saturday these branches are decorated with colored eggs and small rabbits, butterflies or other Easter figures.

The Easter bush immediately turns into a great eye-catcher.

Osterstrauch schmücken Blickfang im Wohn und Esszimmer auf dem Tisch Zweige in Vase aus Glas toll verziert

… whether inside or outside.

Osterstrauch schmücken bunt bemalte Eier hängen an austreibenden Zweigen zu Hause

The largest Easter shrub is in Austria, in Buchkirchen near Wels.

Osterstrauch schmücken der größte Osterstrauch in Österreich Buchkirchen bei Wels

Scroll down now and find more inspiration for your Easter bush! Our editorial team wishes you a lot of fun decorating, a happy Easter and a wonderful spring!

The Easter bush outside is an unmistakable symbol for the coming Easter!

Osterstrauch schmücken kahle Zweige in der Straße Lichter daneben zahlreiche bunte Eier hängen

The Easter decoration inside can be colorful!

Osterstrauch schmücken farbenfrohe Osterdeko festlich dekorierter Tisch Vase Blumentöpfe Eier nestert Vögel hängen

Osterstrauch schmücken rosafarbene Vase Zweige dekoriert mit farbenfrohen Eiern Anhänger aus Stoff Hasen

Osterstrauch schmücken festlich gedeckter Tisch Hase Zweige mit Eiern verziert

Pussy willow and flowering cherry branches are often used for Easter decorations.

Osterstrauch schmücken rustikales Geschirr Set weiße Porzellanvase Weidenkätzchen blühende Kirschzweige Symbole des Osterfestes

With decorated branches of forsythia and some Easter grass you can create a wonderful Easter decoration.

Osterstrauch schmücken blau weiße Porzellanvase neben dem Fenster darin Forsythienzweige bunte Ostereier Ostergras daneben im Topf

Colorful eggs, at least one rabbit and daffodils should not be missing either.

Osterstrauch schmücken farbenfrohe Osterdeko bunte Eier ein Hase gelbe Narzissen in Vase

Your Easter bush can also be designed in a minimalist way!

Osterstrauch schmücken minimalistisch gestaltet Glasgefäß mit kleinen Flusssteinen gefüllt Birkenzweige weiße Eier rosa Schleife

Osterstrauch schmücken weiße Birkenzweige Eier in schwarz weiß bemalt Frohe Ostern minimalistisches Arrangement

Osterstrauch schmücken minimalstische Osterdeko weiße Eier verschiedene Gefäße austreibenede Zweige

Happy Easter!

Osterstrauch schmücken festlich gedecktes Tisch Osterdeko in Pastelltönen Hasen Eier Ostergras

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