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Decoration ideas for the rental apartment that save you unnecessary expenses

We also want to feel at home in a rented apartment. But how do we choose the right decoration ideas without spending too much? Ultimately, we have to get out of here at some point, and besides, we mustn’t cause ourselves too many problems.

There are numerous solutions and we have some of them ready for you in this article.

Dekoration Ideen Mietwohnung Küche Esszimmer

Feel at home in your rented apartment!

Turn the cons into an advantage

Often tenants try to hide unwanted architectural elements. They are screened off with blankets or curtains, sometimes even painted. Ultimately, it comes to the fact that they stand out even more.

Sit back and think about how to make the most of such elements. In an irregular wall niche, you can place shelves and plants, thus creating an exotic corner with useful functionality. You can in turn hang lights on the open beams or other free-standing structural elements.

What else do you think of in your case?

Stick to a slow pace

Don’t be overly impatient with transforming the decorating ideas. Once you feel that everything has to be done immediately, then several mistakes are likely to occur. It would be better to wait a while and think about everything again. Make a list of all the decoration ideas and study them until you don’t reduce them at least twice. This will usually give you a sensible solution.

Don’t paint the walls a dark color

You can paint the walls in a color you like, but it shouldn’t be too dark. At some point, when you move out, it will be extremely difficult for you to make everything bright again.

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung Wanddeko Deko Kissen

Light wall colors make the room appear visually larger

Better not drill the walls

There are so many strategies out there for wall design without drilling and holes. The pieces of furniture presented to the wall could always have a decorative effect. A great solution for the rented apartment would be the shelf, which also represents an accent in the room. If you want a larger piece of art, you can lean it against the wall instead of hanging it there.

Decoration ideas that are difficult to transfer to another room

There are universal decoration ideas and those that are difficult to apply in a changed context. In the case of renting an apartment, you should opt for the first one.

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung Wohnzimmer offene Regale

Open shelves are a clever solution here.

Wohnzimmer dekorieren Mietwohnung

Your photos on the wall create a very personal atmosphere in the room

wohnungseinrichtung dekoideen wohnung

Be very careful when drilling the wall.

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung schön gestaltetes Schlafzimmer

Light pastel colors in the bedroom and little decoration for a cozy ambience

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung Terrasse viele Grünpflanzen

Lots of green outside on the terrace is never enough to introduce the freshness of nature there

Dekoration Wohnung Ideen

Decorate in moderation, not in bulk, and always in style on the occasion of large celebrations

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung offene Regale Badezimmer

Open shelves in the bathroom will help you have more storage space there

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung Glasregale

Elegant glass shelves with a personal touch

Offene Küchenregale

So you have the perfect overview of all kitchen utensils!

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung Wohnzimmer

Decorate the living room wall in a gallery look

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung weniger ist mehr minimalistisch eingerichtet

Less is often more!

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung Wohnzimmer helle Farben Sofa

Choosing the right color palette and creating a cozy and tasteful ambience

Deko Ideen Mietwohnung weißes Sofa bunte Deko Kissen

Colorful decorative elements bring a lot of joy and a good mood into the room

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