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Decoration ideas for your Easter basket – 21 strange examples that will inspire you to do handicrafts

With the arrival of spring comes a cheerful mood that can be felt at every turn. But the tension rises at the beginning of April, because Easter is just around the corner. In order to celebrate Easter comfortably with friends and family members, you need suitable decorations for indoors and outdoors. The Easter basket is an important part of it every year. That is why we have decided here in the editorial office to choose interesting, even a little unusual decoration ideas for your Easter baskets and to present them to you.

All picture examples are dedicated to the topic of Easter decorations and with this we try to motivate you to do handicrafts and imitation. Without spending a lot of money, sacrificing time or making any other effort, you can use our clever tips to decorate your home colorfully and attractively for Easter.

Browse through our gallery and let yourself be further inspired!

Deko Ideen oster Osterkorb

A terrarium? Not quite, because everything is edible here in the disposable glass!

This version of a terrarium is very easy to recreate. All you need is some mason jars to be filled with brightly colored candies. They look like rocks, don’t they? On top of that are layers of brightly colored candy and Easter eggs. And the arrangement is crowned with little yellow bunnies, which also taste delicious.

Osterdeko Ideen Osterkorb

Old zinc bucket wrapped in jute

Bring a natural, rough feeling to your festive Easter decoration with a zinc bucket wrapped in jute. It acts like a large Easter basket. Wrap jute or twine, starting from the bottom of a tine bucket, and continue along the side and then around to the bottom again. Don’t forget the handle. If necessary, use a suitable adhesive so that the jute cord sits firmly. Only when you are done with it can you decorate the bucket with green grass filler and egg-shaped candy and put it in an eye-catching place outside. So you already have a highlight for your Easter decoration outside.

Deko Ideen Ostern

Garden decorations for Easter for all hobby gardeners You cannot forget what else you need to plant in the garden!

Osterdeko Ideen für den Außenbereich

Hanging Easter basket, decorated with colorful, beautifully crafted paper flowers and full of Easter eggs

A wonderful decoration idea for the outdoor area that will put you in the right mood for the upcoming Easter festival – a hanging Easter basket decorated with colorful paper flowers and filled with Easter eggs. To realize this decoration idea, you need an old vase or tin can. You then have to glue colorful paper flowers to the vessel (you can find print-ready patterns for this on the Internet) and then fill it with goodies. With a red ribbon you can hang this Easter card where it is best for all guests to see.

Leckeres und Nützliches in einem Korb

Delight young and old with a fun Easter basket made of colored paper and decorated!

Osterkorb aus Popcorns

Something else original: edible Easter basket made from popcorn!

This lovely chick bucket takes no effort to decorate. But on the contrary! You will have a lot of fun decorating! Add a feathered tail to make your chick look funnier! And fill it right away with Easter sweets and small gifts for the children. The little ones will be very happy about it.

Osterdeko Ideen Osterkiste

Little surprise for adults

This Easter box is intended as a little surprise for a loved one, it is filled with small funny gifts. This Easter box is very easy to manage: you can paint an old wooden box in your desired color. Let the paint dry and hang a loving message or just “Happy Easter!” On one side. Fill the box with gifts such as a bottle of wine, glasses and chocolate to make friends and neighbors happy at Easter!

Osterdeko Ideen Ostereier im Gras

Hide the Easter eggs in the grass and let your little ones look for them

Eierkartons dekorieren Ostereier

Do not throw away the egg cartons! You can use these for your Easter decorations at home or outdoors.

Osterdeko Ideen

Personal gifts for Easter delight the eye and soul!

Glanz und Glamour Osterhase

If you want some glitz and glamor for Easter ……


Let your little ones help with the Easter decorations at home. These Easter baskets are easy to make!

Deko Ideen Osterndeko

The old brass watering can can also function as an Easter basket if it is cleverly decorated

Deko Ideen Osterkörbe

Small Easter baskets for him and her, in a partner look

Deko Ideen zu Ostern

Yummy! A completely unexpected surprise – Easter basket made of chocolate waffles, again filled with Easter sweets

Osterkorb im rustikalen Stil

If you like it rustic …… ..

Osterdeko Ideen Ostertisch

Make your own vase out of paper straws for your Easter flowers!

Osterkörbe aus alten geographischen Karten

You can make something great from old geographic maps, in this case fancy Easter baskets!

Osterdeko Ideen etwas Besonderes selbst basteln

All you have to do is use your creative thinking!

Osterdeko Ideen ausgefallener Osterkorb

Have a look around the basement or the attic! There you will find a lot of things, like old beer crates, that you can use for your Easter decorations!

Have fun making these great decoration ideas and we wish you a happy Easter!

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