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Decoration ideas with hyacinths that bring a spring mood

This year we have waited too long and very impatiently for spring. Is that true or does it just seem to be to me? Regardless, the new season is finally here and with the first rays of sunshine, nature around us wakes up to new life. Outside, the first early bloomers have already appeared in the garden bed. The bright yellow of the daffodils, the variety of colors of the tulips and the soft colors of the hyacinths make the heart beat faster and bring a cheerful mood. In today’s article, we want to show you how you can bring the magic of the first spring flowers into your home. We focus our attention on the delicate hyacinths and present you with enchanting decoration ideas with these beautiful flowers. Whether in a pot, glass or in a wonderful flower arrangement, the hyacinths always cut a good figure and let us marvel at their colors, flowers and their unmistakable fragrance.

Beautiful hyacinths in pots bring spring right into the house!

Hyazinthen im Topf lila Blütenstände bringen Frühling und gute Stimmung

These spring flowers enchant us with their colors and fresh scent.

Hyazinthen weiße Blüten im Glas Blickfang auf dem Tisch im rustikalen Kasten aus Holz schöne Deko

What should you know about the hyacinths?

The hyacinths are undoubtedly one of the most popular garden flowers that usher in spring today. But these look back on an old history. Hyacinths were also known in ancient times. Back then (as now) they scored with the unique beauty of the flowers. This is where her name comes from. They are said to have been named after a beautiful ancient Greek, Hyakinthos. According to Greek mythology, this young man was able to enchant people and gods with his beauty. Today these garden flowers are particularly popular in the Mediterranean and the Orient. We are mainly hybrids that surprise us with their beautiful flowers. These are colored in soft shades of white, pink, red, orange, blue and purple. In addition, the hyacinths exude a sweet, heavy scent that keeps us under our spell. But if you want to admire the blooming flowers and the unmistakable aroma of these early bloomers in spring, you have to plant the bulbs in October. More tips will follow.

The colorful flowers can also thrive outside in the garden.

Hyazinthen verschiedene gesättigte Farben in einer großen Schüssel draußen im Garten

These blue-purple flowers are a real eye-catcher.

Hyazinthen in drei Kästen aus grauem altem Holz blau lila Blüten toller Blickfang

Great decoration ideas with hyacinths in a pot

At home, brightly colored hyacinths are usually kept in pots, flower boxes or other suitable containers. These beautiful flowers can also thrive on the balcony. Since today we are focusing on spring decorations with hyacinths, we want to show you great ideas with these flowers. Put the bulbs in the ground and find a warm, sunny location for them. The first flowers will appear at the end of March or beginning of April. In a warmer climate, this can also happen earlier. If you are aiming for a rustic look for your decoration with hyacinths, then you can use different vintage vessels for this purpose. For example a dough or soup bowl, coffee cup, wooden box or metal vessel. Then put some moss on the potting soil and you have a lovely flower arrangement. The next picture examples illustrate this very well.

You can make the pot into the shape of a large coffee mug by twisting willow twigs.

Hyazinthen im Topf darum Weidenzweige winden eine Form gestalten wie große Kaffeetasse

This is the perfect decoration in modern interiors.

Hyazinthen weiße Blumen in weißer Schale mit Moos dekoriert perfekte Deko in modernen Interieurs

Planted in an old soup bowl, the flower decoration looks rustic.

Hyazinthen in einer alten Suppenschüssel gepflanzt eine rustikale Blumendekoration

Decorate your arrangement with moss or green branches.

Hyazinthen in einer silbernen Schüssel mit grünen Zweigen geschmückt

The grape hyacinths are mostly colored in shades of blue.

Blaue Traubenhyazinthen in einer alten blau weißen Kanne ein richtiger Blickfang

Decorate with moss to enhance the color contrast.

Blaue Traubenhyazinthen in einer alten Schüssel mit hellgrünem Moos geschmückt Farbkontrast

Blaue Traubenhyazinthen in großem Kasten arrangiert Ostereier Federn daneben

Hyacinths in a glass – an easy-to-make spring decoration

Hyacinths are fantastic for a variety of decoration ideas, but these in the glass are really easy to imitate. You can buy a few onions at the flower market or flower shop near you. You can get to work straight away at home. Instead of planting the bulbs in a flower pot or bowl, you can use a vase or glass. The selected vessel has to be quite wide so that the hyacinths can grow properly upwards. In three easy steps you can create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining or coffee table. You can also place this hyacinth decoration on your desk in the home office, on a chest of drawers or on the windowsill. Everywhere it attracts everyone’s attention and puts you in a good mood.

This hyacinth decoration can also be created in a mason jar.

Hyazinthen im Glas Blumenzwiebel legen im Moos dekorieren vorsichtig gießen

If you combine the hyacinths with tulips and pussy willow, you have a real eye-catcher in the room.

Hyazinthen Tulpen Weidenkätzchen im großen Glasgefäß ein echter Hingucker im Raum

The grape hyacinths also thrive in the glass.

Hyazinthen Blaue Traubenhyazinthen im Glas Wurzel Blumenzwiebel sind zu sehen

Hyacinths in a glass – decoration in three easy steps

  • Take the flower bulb out of the flower pot. The potting soil on the root ball does not have to be removed.
  • Then put the flower bulbs in the glass and decorate the free space around with moss or small white stones.
  • Then put the jar in a sunny spot. Be patient and wait for the onion to sprout.

Extra tip: Gently water the hyacinths in the jar, moistening the roots but not the bulb.

It is not difficult at all to put hyacinth bulbs in the glass.

Hyazinthen Blumenzwiebel ins Glas setzen Deko Ideen für Anfänger und Profis

After the flowers have been driven out, you get such beautiful room decorations!

Hyazinthen nach dem Austreiben schöne Deko in breiten Glasgefäßen rosa und blaue Blüten

Nice decoration ideas with hyacinths in the glass

Hyazinthen im Glas sehr elegantes Arrangement dunkellila Blüten

Hyazinthen im Glas rosafarbene Blüten tolle Deko vor dem Fenster feiner Duft

Hyazinthen weiße Blüten in eleganten Weingläsern auf silbernem Tablett tolle Tischdeko

Hyazinthen im Glas blaue Blüten großes Glasgefäß Bambusstängel

Hyazinthen im großen Glasgefäß weiße Blüten auf der Fensterbank

Let yourself be further inspired by our examples and create a beautiful decoration for your home with fragrant hyacinths. These beautiful spring flowers bring spring straight to you and create a fabulous mood! Guaranteed!

This stylish decoration creates a good mood, doesn’t it?

Hyazinthen lila Blüten in silbernen Gefäßen stilvolle Deko gute Laune

Hyazinthen weiße Blüten Vintage Arrangement für draußen weiße Blüten gewobene Zweige Wurzeln im Holzgefäß

Hyazinthen blaue Traubenhyazinthen Blickfang auf dem Tisch im rustikalen Gefäß aus Metall

Put your hyacinths in the limelight!

Hyazinthen im großen grauen Gefäß Blüten in verschiedene Farben Deko in Szene setzen

Hyazinthen lila Blüten gelbe Narzissen viel Grün in einer großen Teigschüssel

Hyazinthen blaue Traubenhyazinthen im blauen Topf als Teil eines üppigen Blumenarrangements

Hyazinthen violette Blüten blühende Frühlingszweige im Vintage Holzkasten

Grape hyacinths are also some of the most beautiful spring flowers.

Hyazinthen Traubenhyazinthen andere Frühlingsblumen im alten Metallgefäß draußen

Hyazinthen gelbe Blüten im Metallgefäß mit trockenen Gräsern kombiniert

Hyazinthen schöne Deko blaue Blüten Weidenkätzchen viel Moos Tannengrün tolle Deko Idee

Hyazinthen blaue Traubenhyazinthen in einer weißen Suppenschüssel schöne Deko für drinnen

Hyazinthen blaue Traubenhyazinthen in Metalltöpfen Vintage Flair Blickfang auf dem Tisch

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