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Decoration in the garden – our checklist of must-haves in the outdoor area

We have nice weather and lots of sun again and everyone is looking forward to the coming summer. With the higher temperatures outside, our good mood also rises, doesn’t it? Now it’s time to go outside! But you may not have the opportunity to go to the park every day, drive to the nearby lake every weekend, or go on a forest hike. Instead, you can relax in your own garden and enjoy a lot of peace and quiet there. Perhaps you have already set up your oasis of wellbeing outdoors? If not, you still have time to do it before summer comes in. We want to help you with a few clever tips for your garden decoration, so that you can make your outdoor area stylish and inviting. Stay tuned and let yourself be inspired for your new garden decoration!

stilvolle Dekoration im Garten

Now it’s time to raise the curtain for the stylish decoration in the garden!

  • The alpha and omega of modern garden design

A well-developed trend in garden design has dominated in recent years and that is the effort to move the interior to the outside. You want to treat yourself to the same cosiness and homely comfort in the outdoor area that you have in your four walls. That is why home and garden owners try to design the outdoor area in such a way that everyone feels comfortable there and at the same time enjoys fresh air and lush greenery. Comfortable outdoor furniture is the be-all and end-all of an outdoor oasis. A lounge set or individual armchairs, a garden table and chairs are among the must-haves outside. These must of course be weatherproof and defy sun, wind and rain. Let’s not forget the chic shade providers, such as parasols and sails, which ensure you pleasant hours outside even in bright sunshine and heavy rain.

Ein modernes Grillgerät

A modern grill device undoubtedly belongs in the outdoor area!

So that you can also have your meals outside, you can set up an outdoor kitchen and sitting area and spend pleasant hours with friends and family while cooking, eating, drinking and chatting. An open fire pit in the garden is also a trendy idea that has been gaining ground lately. You can spend numerous evenings around the blazing fire and really relax with friends and relatives. Ultimately, how you design your garden oasis basically depends on your own priorities and your budget. But so that you feel really comfortable and at home outside, you absolutely need that certain something that gives your garden a lot of charm and individuality. You need a stylish garden decoration!

Schöne Optik und natürliche Haptik der Gartenmöbel

The beautiful look and natural feel of the garden furniture and accessories harmonize with one another.

Laue Sommerabende kann man draußen verbringen

You can spend mild summer evenings outside.

  • Magnificently blooming flowers and evergreen plants make up the natural decoration in the garden

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you want to feel nature up close. That is why it is recommended by garden designers that you decorate the garden with magnificently blooming flowers and evergreen plants. These can be in the garden bed, not far from the outdoor seating area, or arranged in pots or pots. For a colorful and completely natural decoration, you can choose annual summer flowers such as petunias, geraniums or begonias, but you can also opt for hardy perennials. These will delight your eyes with beautiful flowers and lots of green all summer long and show off their blooming splendor until late autumn. These permanent bloomers are basically easy to care for, which means that they are also suitable for people without green fingers. Beautiful hydrangeas, wonderfully fragrant climbing roses or wisteria are undoubtedly among our favorites when it comes to natural decoration in the garden.

Grüne Pflanzen

Green plants and flowering shrubs emphasize the natural look of any garden.

In addition to their aesthetic function, beautiful shrubs and flowering garden plants also have a practical use in the garden. They attract bees and small birds. These make your garden appear more natural. Yes, there are no limits to your imagination and your creative skills when it comes to decorating the garden, so you can create a splendid oasis outdoors with flowers, shrubs and garden plants.

Sorgen Sie für einen richtigen Blickfang im Freien

You can find this and other decorative flower pots at Tchibo.

  • Stylish decoration in the garden creates an individual note in the outdoor area

How you decorate your garden is entirely up to you. We only want to recommend that you go for a stylish garden decoration and in this way express your individuality in the best possible way. Choose those garden accessories that fit well into your garden design concept. Garden figures made of wood, metal or stone are welcome in every garden. Especially in this Asian style, they’re a must-have. Colorful flower pots and tubs house wonderful flowers and beautiful plants and at the same time spice up the outdoor area. Bird baths and bird houses show that you care for the little garden visitors too.

Die Outdoor Beleuchtung hat auch dekorative Funktion

Outdoor lighting also has a decorative function

The lighting outside also has the function of a decoration. Garden lights of all kinds, fairy lights and lanterns will make your evenings in the garden even more comfortable and pleasant. Don’t forget to light your garden paths so that there are no unwanted incidents at night.


Illuminate your outdoor area and make it look cozy and inviting in the evening too!

You can do a lot of the decoration in the garden yourself if you have a certain level of craftsmanship. Have a look in the basement or in the attic to see what is there and what you have already described as unnecessary or unusable. Maybe you can convert one or two pieces and use them as decoration in the garden. But if you don’t have the time, you can leaf through the Tchibo catalog online and find something suitable for your garden. The company’s range is so rich that every garden owner will always find something for himself and his family.

Machen Sie es sich gemütlich draußen und genießen Sie die Zeit zu zwei

Make yourself comfortable outside and enjoy the time for two!


A modern beach chair is the perfect idea for the stylish design of the outdoor area.

Schöne Gartenpflanzen in Töpfen

Beautiful garden plants arranged in pots, tubs or hanging baskets make up the garden decoration.

frische grüne Farbe im Interieur

Do you also have a green thumb?

stilvolle Dekoration deko ideen

At Tchibo you can find everything you need for a stylish decoration in the garden!

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