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Decoration with tulips – invite spring into your home!

Spring is slowly arriving and the warm weather on some days makes hearts beat faster. The new season is coming and we are all looking forward to more sunshine, the blaze of color and the enchanting aromas of spring. There are some flowers that are always associated with the coming season. The typical heralds of spring are undoubtedly the tulips. We want to dedicate today’s article to these beautiful flowers and give them practical information in pictures and writing Decoration ideas with tulips for a cozy home at this time of year like to show. If you want to learn a little more about the history of these natural beauties or want to find out useful tips for care, you can browse our website or click here.

Deko Ideen mit Tulpen rosa Tulpen rosa

Decorate your room with tulips in soft colors and create a romantic atmosphere at home!

Interesting facts about the tulips

It is historically proven that the tulips can look back on an eventful history. They were the most expensive flowers in the 16th and 17th centuries, just before the tulip market collapsed. Today these spring beauties are present in all flower shops and can be found almost all year round. They adorn our gardens and bring the fair of the spring season right into the house. That is why it is advisable to decorate your home with tulips during these weeks. We’ll show you how to do it in a moment!

Dekoidee Tulpen Vase

Red tulips a true sign of love!

  • Treat yourself to a top-class vase spectacle

Purchased or grown yourself, the tulips can easily be arranged in a vase. They always impress with their soft colors and shapes. The color palette for these beauties ranges from white to delicate pink and purple to saturated dark red. There are of course weird and striking varieties of tulips in black!

Deko Ideen mit Tulpen arrangieren in der Vasen Tulpen

Arrange beautiful tulips with evergreen branches and other spring flowers in a vase and admire their natural beauty for a long time!

The tulips have a special feature: they close their flowers at night or in cooler temperatures and during the day in a warm room they unfold their full bloom. So that you can enjoy these beautiful flowers at home for a longer time, place the tulips in vases filled with fresh water and definitely in a cooler location at home, where the sun does not shine directly during the day.

Deko Ideen mit Tulpen zartes Rosa

Decoration with tulips: sophistication in the middle of the coffee table in the living room

dekorieren mit Tulpen tolle Deko Ideen

This flower arrangement immediately catches the eye! Delicate pink tulips combined with lilac hyacinths in a sky blue vase

  • More decoration ideas with tulips that attract everyone’s attention

If you are a passionate vintage fan or want to emphasize the retro style of your home, the following decorating ideas are just right for you! In a bucket or tub on the balcony or outside on the veranda, the colorful tulips are always real eye-catchers. They cannot leave anyone indifferent, on the contrary, they will charm everyone with their beautiful colors and elegant flower shapes. To put your true flowers in the limelight, you can place the tulips in the middle of the dining table and feel the spring ever closer with all meals.

Modern Deko Ideen mit Tulpen Holzkasten

A wooden box full of mason jars with beautiful tulips decorates the dining table

Deko Ideen mit Tulpen zarte rosa Blüten

Invite spring directly into the living room!

And those who are particularly looking forward to the coming spring can show their true feelings to all neighbors and passers-by by decorating their front door with tulips. You can make a wreath from these flowers yourself or you can arrange them in a bag and hang it on the door with a bow. Isn’t that beautiful?

interessante Deko Tulpen an die Haustür ideen

Interesting decoration ideas with tulips: A wonderful arrangement with numerous tulips hanging on the front door

Admire all the other decoration ideas with tulips in our picture gallery and let spring come to your home!

Dekorieren mit Tulpen schöne Blumen im Eimer Vintage Stuhl

Beautiful tulips and vintage flair go well together

Deko mit Tulpen weiße Tulpen

Beautiful white tulips in elegant glasses the cut flowers can be kept fresh longer

Deko mit Tulpen Blumen im Drahtkorb

Arrange the tulips in a wire basket and put the decoration in the limelight!

Deko mit Tulpen weiße

White tulips symbolize innocence!

Dekorieren im Vintage Stil farbenfrohe Tulpen

Decorate at least one corner of your home in a vintage style! With tulips, of course!

Tolle Dekoideen mit Tulpen

Decoration with tulips: white tulips and white candles emphasize the elegance of the gray interior

Tulpen Deko

This floral arrangement fits perfectly into a vintage designed room

Deko mit Tulpen natürlich schön deko ideen

And even more vintage charm with tulips!

Dekorieren mit Tulpen ideen

Tulips are the harbingers of the great Easter festival!

Vintage weiße Tulpen alter Holztisch

White interior, white decoration…. white tulips!

Тulpen schöne dekoideen vintage wasser

Pink tulips come into their own against the gray background!

Еlegante tischdeko mit tulpen modern vase deko ideen

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