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Decorative crystal chandeliers – elegance in your living room

Good lighting in every room is fundamental to any interior. Depending on the function, we choose between soft, diffuse or strong, focused room light. The right lighting brings a sense of well-being and harmony into the house, not only because of its functions, but also because of its beautiful and stylish design.

When looking for a suitable chandelier, we not only have to consider the size of the room, but also the characteristics of the lighting equipment. The following points will help everyone make this choice.

Coffee table wood sphere high ceiling sofa system simple modern white designer crystal chandelier

Wooden coffee table and a super chic crystal chandelier above it

Note the actual size of the living room before buying (online):

  • To get the most out of spacious rooms, a magnificent chandelier with hanging elements would be the perfect solution. It should of course be placed in the middle of the room.
  • For a long but narrow living room, two small chandeliers in a row are better. This distributes the light evenly in the room.
  • A small chandelier is suitable for a small living room, otherwise the room looks flooded. Note the ceiling height: the higher the room, the larger the chandelier should be. The large pendant lights not only look beautiful, festive and elegant, they also wonderfully illuminate the dark corners. There you don’t need any additional floor lamps or recessed spotlights.

Note: Small lights are recommended for low ceilings. In no case do you need a particularly large apartment, because nowadays the choice of lighting fixtures is diverse. You have numerous options to provide the right light for every room.

Elegant luxurious leather sofa recessed spotlight fireplace glass exterior wall wooden table lantern wind light decorative crystal chandelier

Elegant, luxurious leather sofa, built-in ceiling light paired with a modern chandelier

The living room must be bright, so you should use stronger light sources here. If you don’t like accent light, you can use the lights differently in all corners. This also creates a place of retreat for relaxation or entertainment with the guests.

Dining table leather chairs table lamps palm flowers purple white crystal chandeliers modern

Elegant dining table made of glass, leather chairs in white and a lot of sophistication in this ambience

Kitchen dining area dining table round bar stool hanging lamp-crystal chandelier modern

Spacious kitchen and dining area in one!

Classically noble hanging chandelier dining table dining room solid wood table herringbone crystal chandelier

Classic hanging chandelier hangs over the dining table and undoubtedly brings a noble touch to this dining room

Glamorous dining room dining table white chairs wood elegant-crystal chandelier

Glamorous dining room that perfectly combines white and wood

Extravagant modern dining area dining table pictures art planters leather chairs tiles white crystal chandelier ideas

Extravagant, super modern dining area where some green plants add the finishing touches to the sublime interior

Exotically elegant corner sofa decorative cushion armchair mirror coffee table warm beige blue crystal chandelier

Exotic looking, elegant corner sofa with decorative cushions

Dining room table wooden chairs china cabinet carpet pattern modern curtains blue white crystal chandelier classic

Wide dining room table and very elegant wooden chairs

Dining table chairs candle holder candles summer sliding glass door ceiling beams wood-crystal chandelier elegant

The candle holders add more romance to this dining area

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