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Delicious Valentine’s Day desserts for lovers

In our annual calendar there are festivals that are simply unique. In addition to Christmas and Easter, we especially like to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Lovers’ Day on February 14th. And this is soon at the door. This is the perfect way to show your loved one that you love him / her deeply and dearly. Have you already come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day menu for two? Surely there is also an idea for a delicious surprise on it, right? We want to help you in this regard and have prepared a great collection of Valentine’s Day desserts for you. We also think that Love Day gives you the best chance to show off your culinary skills. That’s why we have two great recipes for delicious Valentine’s Day desserts. In our extensive picture gallery you will find approx. 40 pictures from which you can draw further inspiration for delicious desserts for Valentine’s Day. Stick with it because it’s going to be interesting!

“Love is in the air!”

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts für Verliebte Schoko Mousse mit Chia Samen

Pamper your loved one on February 14th.

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Cupcakes mit Erdbeeren

He’ll definitely appreciate that!

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Nutella Creme in Gläsern ohne Backen

  • The sweet pleasure of delicious Valentine’s Day desserts

Can you imagine a dinner for two on February 14th, where everything is perfect but something tasty is missing? Barely! Delicious Valentine’s Day desserts are simply part of the festive menu. These can be fruity or chocolaty, but always super tasty. Strawberries, figs and cherries are suitable fruits with which you can bake a first-class dessert yourself on Valentine’s Day. However, if you don’t like to bake, you can also make a chocolate cake without baking. Or do you want to score with delicious macaroons or cupcakes on this day? That is entirely up to you.

This delicious cake could be the big surprise on Valentine’s Day, right?

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts unwiderstehliche Himbeeren Torte

Or do you prefer these little fruity Valentine’s Day desserts?

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts fruchtige rosa Bars zum Fest der Liebe

On the day of love, the colors pink and red dominate, also in the desserts.

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Brezel mit rosa Erdnusscreme

Before we move on to the delicious recipes for delicious Valentine’s Day desserts, we would like to give you two practical tips. First, try to surprise your loved one with unique desserts. Heart-shaped desserts are in great demand on the day of love. To make the tasty surprise even more pleasant, we advise you to play with the colors skillfully. What would the festival of love be without red and pink? These two colors appear in the desserts in all possible shades. In addition, chocolate brown and snow white are particularly popular with the cakes, for very understandable reasons. A little contrast can do no harm, on the contrary, it can make the dessert appear even more interesting and irresistible. Pamper your loved one and let the sweet indulgence of the delicious Valentine’s Day desserts melt in your mouth. So February 14th will be a special experience for two! We want to wish you that!

Culinary delicacies are part of the festive menu for Valentine’s Day.

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts kulinarische Köstlichkeiten Mousse in Glas in drei Schichten

Chocolate puddings – first-class dessert for Valentine’s Day!

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Pudding erstklassige Nachspeise

Let yourself be pampered with a chocolate mousse!

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts leckere Schoko Mousse

  • Prepared with love: two recipes for delicious Valentine’s Day desserts

  1. Recipe – quick chocolate mousse

Ingredients for 2 people: 100 g of cooking chocolate cut into pieces, 125 ml of whipped cream, 100 g of mascarpone, 1 tablespoon of rum or amaretto.

Preparation: Beat the mascarpone in a bowl and chill for 15 mi, preferably in the freezer. Let the cooking chocolate melt in a water bath and then let it cool down a little. In a bowl, whip the cream until stiff, then stir the cooled chocolate with the frozen mascarpone spoonfuls until smooth, add 1 tbsp rum or amaretto. Fold in the whipped cream and pour the finished mixture into glasses. Place in the refrigerator for an hour and then arrange with chocolate chips or fruit before serving.

Real temptation on Valentine’s Day – cheesecake with strawberries!

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts echte Verführung Käsekuchen mit Erdbeeren

  1. Recipe – pot cake without baking

This pot cake is very easy to make. For this you need the following ingredients: 0.74 l cold coffee, 0.25 l milk, gelatine, 0.5 kg curd cheese, 150 g icing sugar, 0.25 l whipped cream, 40 pieces of white ladybirds, a pinch of sugar and salt each to taste, a dash of rum, 1 piece of egg yolk.

Preparation: Heat the milk, dissolve the soaked gelatine in it and let it cool. Beat the yolks with icing sugar until frothy, stir in the quark with lemon juice and add the gelatin milk. Stir in the whipped cream. Then line a small cake base with baking paper, soak the ladyfingers in a coffee-rum mixture. Then lay it on in layers – biscuits on top of the cream. Cover with foil and cool for 2-3 hours. Ready!

Meringue with hot chocolate

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Baiser mit heißer Schokolade

Delicious mug cakes can also be prepared quickly.

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Tassenkuchen Schoko mit Karamell

You probably know from your own experience: delicious Valentine’s Day desserts are the best way to end a festive menu and are best poured in pairs. Prepare them with love and you will definitely experience an unforgettable celebration.

This cake could be the perfect end to your Valentine’s Day menu.

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Milch Schoko Käsekuchen

Or one with raspberries?

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Torte mit schwarzer Schokolade und Erdbeeren

Let the pink color dominate!

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts rosa Tiramisu

Chocolate wafers for two?

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Schnitten in Rosa verpackt

Or should the dessert be fruity and colorful?

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Käsekuchen ohne Backen mit Früchten

Strawberries are certainly the number one choice on February 14th for many lovers.

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Kuchen mit Erdbeeren

But be sure to taste delicious!

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts leckerer Kuchen mit Schoko Glasur

The contrast between chocolate brown and white is always striking.

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Brownies mit weißer Creme darauf

Let the festival of love become a sweet experience!

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Kuchen in Herzform in Rosa

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Käsekuchen

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Kuchen mit romantischer Nachricht darauf

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Karamell Kuchen

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Brownies ganz verlockend

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts „heißer“ Schoko Kuchen

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Karamell Kuchen in Stück

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Cookies

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts schön verzierte Cupcakes

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Oreo Cookies in Rosa

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts rosa Cookies in Herzform

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Erdbeeren Cookies

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Oreo Brownies mit viel Schokolade

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts rote Kirschen in weißer Schokolade

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts persischer Kuchen zum Fest der Liebe

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Donuts zum Fest der Liebe

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts leckere Baiser in Weiß

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts rosa Cookies in Herzform ideen

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts Schoko Haselnuss Cookies

Köstliche Valentinstag Desserts hausgemachte Schokolade

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