Demetrios George

Demetrios George

Demetrios George was an accomplished draftsman and inspiring teacher, having a lasting impact on generations of artists who studied under him both here in Cape Ann and at his Boston studio.

His many achievements include being the bridge builder between American and European migration, a true pontifex maximus (chief bridge builder). His legacy bears witness to his passion for understanding global migration in all its forms and providing advice to leaders and learners alike.

Early Life and Education

He received his training from renowned sculptor George Grafly and later began teaching art classes in Folly Cove, Massachusetts. Additionally, he designed, constructed and installed numerous public sculptures for private collectors.

His works included the Wind Harp, a 92-foot tall aeolian harp he designed for a South San Francisco industrial park as an homage to Greek immigrants who were instrumental in shaping America’s development.

Demetrios was renowned for his artistic talents, but he was also an internationally renowned migration policy expert and founder of MPI’s Transatlantic Council on Migration – an influential forum to discuss common migration policy challenges with senior public officials from Europe, America, Canada and Australia. His scholarly work was published in more than 275 books and research reports; truly the pontifex maximus between Europe’s and America’s worlds on migration issues.

Professional Career

George Demetrios had an immense impact on his generation of artists during his long career as a sculptor. He was both an expert draftsman and gifted teacher.

After graduating from the Boston Museum School, he spent four years studying sculpture under Charles Grafley (1862-1929) at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Later, he relocated to Paris and continued his education with Antoine Bourdelle and Auguste Rodin in Paris.

He later returned to Cape Ann and opened his own studio, teaching a steady stream of talented students. He quickly became a beloved fixture in the community.

After his retirement from the sculpture world, George pursued a variety of other interests such as entrepreneurship, corporate governance and board service. Most importantly, however, he enjoyed being an adoring grandfather to his five grandchildren.

Achievements and Honors

Aris Demetrios was born into a family of artists, his father George Demetrios being one. A classical sculptor trained by Antoine Bourdelle and Auguste Rodin, his mother Virginia Lee Burton being another renowned author-illustrator for children’s books; winning the Caldecott Medal for both “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel” and “The Little House.”

Aris’ artistic passions continued to blossom throughout adulthood, studying under Charles Grafly at his Folly Cove studio near Gloucester, Massachusetts. His works have been showcased in countless galleries and museums nationwide.

Aris has earned several national and local recognitions for his sculptures. These include the Santa Barbara Beautiful Award for “Mentors” and “The Dance of Life,” which grace the entrance to Santa Barbara City College’s Ridley-Tree Cancer Center. Furthermore, he was honored with the Silver Buffalo Award on behalf of Boy Scouts of America.

Personal Life

Demetris George is renowned for his sculptural works. He specializes in bronze and steel sculptures that are predominantly abstract or figurative, as well as teaching art classes.

Demetrios was an influential figure in international and national affairs, such as the Macedonian crisis, Ecumenical Patriarchate in Cyprus, Russian Orthodox Church in America, religious freedom issues. Additionally, he led philanthropic responses to natural disasters like hurricane Katrina and California mudslides of 2003.

He was raised in a family of Greek immigrants and later immigrated to the United States to study and work. Later, he served as foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump’s campaign during 2016 presidential election. In 2017, he pled guilty to lying about his connections to Russian government officials; serving twelve days in prison followed by twelve months of supervised release.

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