Dena Adams

Dena Adams

Dena Adams is an esteemed music educator with experience teaching in public and private schools, churches, professional community organizations, as well as her own music education business. Additionally, she has assisted Kindermusik International by authoring curriculum products. Additionally, Dena holds multiple educational certifications as well as having earned both her Bachelor of Science degree and having completed various professional development courses.

Early Life and Education

Adams was an accomplished letterer, author, and magazine columnist. In the 1980s he made a notable comeback through audio/video commercials for Savemart – then an established retail chain – as Maxwell Smart in Get Smart (1983-85) alongside co-star Barbara Feldon; later reprised this role for spinoff series Gadget Boy and Inspector Gadget’s Field Trip (1990s).

Abigail Smith Adams played an active role in her son John Quincy Adams’ academic pursuits from an early age, accompanying him on several European travels and keeping a journal (with those of her husband). These papers comprise what are known as The Adams Papers today; Adams himself preserved most of his correspondence at Massachusetts Historical Society before serving in Congress for eight terms.

Professional Career

Dena Adams is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), who specializes in employee benefit plans. She offers tax, audit and attestation services to professional service industries like law, consulting, insurance, architecture engineering and human resources firms as well as human resources firms. Adams also possesses extensive knowledge about retirement and health care laws.

She has produced numerous music education products and workshops, earning a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Los Angeles as well as various certifications in education.

At Moss Adams, she serves as national practice leader of Professional Services Practice as well as Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board member and executive sponsor of their LGBTQ+ Business Resource Group. Since 1993 she has been with Moss Adams.

Achievement and Honors

Adams first gained notoriety as a regular guest on variety-type shows after winning a talent show in 1954, wherein he won first prize and hosted Screen Test, an audience participation film scene reenactment program. Later he provided his voice as Maxwell Smart of 1960s cartoon series CONTROL in battles against international organization KAOS.

On September 25, 2005 in Los Angeles at age 82, Arthur Adams passed away due to lymphoma. He is survived by Adelaide Efantis Adams (his third wife); Dorothy Bracken and Adelaide Adams from his first two wives; five grandchildren, and three greatgrandchildren he left behind; as well as being laid to rest at Hollywood Hills Cemetery.

Personal Life

Dena Adams has worked extensively with children and their families in schools, churches, professional community organizations and her own business for more than 25 years. She has written multiple volumes of music education materials as well as conducting preschool workshops; additionally she serves as an influential presenter/consultant for Kindermusik International products.

While on diplomatic assignments with her husband to Berlin (1797), St. Petersburg (1809), and London (1815-1817). During the 1850s she hosted social events from her F Street residence, such as hosting receptions when John Quincy served as secretary of state, or hosting dinners or levees when first lady.

In 1995 he reprised his role on Get Smart, an investigative television series co-starring Barbara Feldon as Agent 99. This show ran for 138 episodes until its cancellation.

Net Worth

Adams is an immensely successful entertainer, earning millions over time as both an actor and voice-actor on various cartoon series, such as Get Smart. Additionally, he voiced several roles including Inspector Gadget.

He has earned considerable income through playing chess matches and earning prize money, as well as attending shows and events where he charged an amount that far outstripped any income generated from these sources.

Since 2003, he has owned a significant portion of National Health Investors stock and actively traded it since that time – most recently exchanging 2,020 units, valued at $2,017.118 – with NHI for cash payments totalling over $2.017,118. Additionally, he has purchased and sold other stocks.

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