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Design a baby room – lovingly, practical and aesthetic!

Many of you are probably familiar with the situation: the family is expected to have offspring! This wonderful news fills the parents and every other family member with a lot of joy, new hope and happiness! But parents are always a little worried about whether they would have the best for their baby and offer it to him. Because the most important thing in life is our happy children! The first thing you can do before the baby is born is to determine a room for the future baby room and then arrange it accordingly. Yes, we are well informed, it is not an easy task, but it is a very pleasant one. The baby room has to be arranged neatly and clearly so that it never becomes chaos. It should also look special and inviting because you will spend most of your time there day and night. Don’t panic, but the changing table will soon become your favorite place.

Read on and collect ideas for your baby room furnishings at home here.

Babyzimmer gestalten einrichten

The baby room must be furnished with attention to the smallest detail so that the baby grows in a cozy and loving atmosphere.

What should you know before designing the baby room?

Here we show just one example of how a lovingly married couple created a cozy net for their baby. Both parents are professional photographers, they met years ago at a photo workshop in Africa and for a decade they traveled the world and took a lot of photos everywhere. At home they have great photos from all over the world that they like to exhibit. Especially pieces that tell a story and have a lot of aesthetics can be seen in their pictures. Antique objects can be seen here, actually also in the baby room. The parents want to arouse their son’s curiosity in this way, because behind every photo there is a story about mum and dad, behind every trick or object there is a personal experience. These photos show interesting objects, but are also very personal.

Babyzimmer einrichten gestalten orange Wandfarben kuscheliger weißer Teppich Lampe

An oasis for the newborn and its parents

Babyzimmer gestalten gemütliche Ecke zum Lesen und Kuscheln

Here the parents want to read their little son’s fairy tale books

The parents even thought of making it soft and cozy on the floor and reading books for their baby there. Perhaps the little one will be interested in exciting stories that tell big or small adventures. In this idyllic children’s room, parents and baby will find the right place for it.

Here are a few tips for all parents who are about to furnish a children’s room full of character:

Babyzimmer einrichten gestalten schöner Look Gitterbett

A nice, old cot is the jewel in the baby’s room

1. The basic equipment that you need to design for the baby room

Start with the functional, mostly necessary things – the cot is a must in every baby room. It has to be as comfortable as possible, and certainly of course. The changing table is one of them and will make your daily baby care a lot easier.

Babyzimmer gestalten Gitterbett

Arrange the baby room with attention to detail and with all the love for your baby

2. The accessories

All baby bottles must be ready to hand and clearly arranged. Baby cosmetics and baby medicines must have a special place, usually in a cupboard. A carry cot would also be desirable so that you can go out into the fresh air with the baby soon. And all small and large toys for the baby belong in their room too. Make sure that they are always in order so that there is no clutter in the ambience.

Babyzimmer gestalten

Arranging the toys in a box is always a great idea!

Kinderwagen besorgen Babytragetasche erste Spaziergänge im Freien genießen

Get everything you need for the first walk with the baby outdoors!

3. Make the decoration in measure in the baby room

When designing the baby room, you can use decorative elements from different geographical zones around the globe. Do it boldly using modern and antique items. That makes the ambience even more interesting. However, keep the basic rule of room decoration – do not overdo it with furniture or decoration. Otherwise you run the risk of the room looking a bit messy. That’s exactly what you want to avoid in the baby room, don’t you?

Babyzimmer gestalten schöne Deko Artikel

Decorate the baby room in moderation

Dekoration im Babyzimmer schöne Tierfiguren exotische deko

… and with style and taste!

4. Appropriate color scheme

Of course, you have to pay enough attention to the entire color scheme in the baby room. Prefer fresh, cheerful colors that fill the ambience with cheerfulness and positive energy. Put a few more pronounced accents if necessary. And don’t forget, you and your baby want to feel comfortable day and night in this room!

We wish you every success in furnishing and designing your baby room!

Babyzimmer gestalten kein Schrank

No closet? That shouldn’t be a problem! A cloakroom rack presents the cute baby suits, while other baby clothes are in a drawer. Original and functional, right?

cooles babyzimmer gestaltung

You can introduce exotic touches into your baby room design.

Babyzimmer gestalten antiker Tisch exotische Note

Create a special corner that combines glitter and exoticism

Babyzimmer gestalten himmelblau Junge

Sky blue for a little boy

Babyzimmer gestalten Deko Ideen

An open side table made of glass makes the baby room furniture airier!

Babyzubehör antikes Geschirr Set Baby

An antique tableware set for the baby

Familienfotos im Babyzimmer Fotowand gestalten

Mommy as a small child – such a cute photo brings back memories

Babyzimmer gestalten einrichten Babykleidung in Blau Junge

Baby clothes in blue are of course appropriate for your little son!

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