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Design a photo wall on strips – clever tips on how to do it well!

We all have our very special moments in life that mean a lot to us even years later. It’s great to have some of them saved on paper or digitally thanks to modern photography. If you want to flaunt some of these personal memories in your own home and have them in front of your eyes every day, then you’ve come to the right place! In today’s post, we’re going to introduce you to an excellent way to do that. The following is about modern photo wall on strips. Find out below where you can attach such a smaller or larger photo gallery and what impression the photos create! Stick with it!

Every wall can be cleverly used for a photo wall on ledges.

Fotowand auf Leisten aus Holz interessante Naturfotografien zwei Wandlampen gute Beleuchtung abends

Good reasons for a photo wall on ledges

There are many good reasons for designing a photo wall on moldings. Most of them relate to our need to show our best pictures to other people as well. You can undoubtedly use it to decorate empty walls and add a personal touch to the ambience. The photos can be selected thematically and show beautiful moments from your childhood or school days. Often one arranges interesting holiday pictures on the wall or those that tell of the birth of the family offspring and their childhood. Magnificent wedding pictures or those of birthdays or anniversaries also have their place on the photo wall. Every friend, relative or guest will certainly look at these pictures with great interest. Because they reveal a lot about your way of life and your character. Plus, with a beautiful photo wall, you tell everyone else that you are proud and happy with your life and family. That is the most important thing!

The empty wall in the kitchen can be used for a personal photo gallery on strips.

Fotowand auf Leisten leere Wand in der Küche nutzen persönliche Bilder arrangiert

Everyone would like to look at such a photo wall on ledges!

Fotowand auf Leisten im Wohnzimmer clever arrangiert schöne Bilder zur Schau stellen

Often you design the photo wall above the couch.

Fotowand auf Leisten im Wohnzimmer an der Wand über der Couch

Where and how should a photo wall be designed on strips?

Photo walls have an astonishingly personal touch and give each room an individual character. Often they are designed in the stairwell, where logically there is a lot of space on the walls. But the photos arranged on bars can be a great source of inspiration for you in your home office. There is certainly enough space for a photo wall on strips in the children’s room, bedroom or even in the kitchen. The next examples show that such a photo wall can be used anywhere at home. Of course, you should choose the place so that the images can be easily seen from different angles. These must also be illuminated accordingly. If there isn’t enough daylight on this wall, consider artificial lighting. For example, wall lamps or built-in LED spotlights come into question here and are perfectly suited for the purpose.

Create a real eye-catcher in the dining room!

Fotowand auf Leisten einen echten Blickfang im Esszimmer gestalten

You can also find numerous photo wall ideas here.

Fotowand auf Leisten Kommode aus hellem Holz Bilder Deko Artikel zahlreiche Gestaltungsideen

In addition, decorate your photo wall with small green potted plants.

Fotowand auf Leisten weiß gutes Arrangement echter Blickfang im Raum kleine grüne Topfpflanzen

In addition to photos, you can also display paintings or tapestries here.

Fotowand auf Leisten außer Fotos auch Gemälde und Gobelins arrangieren zur Schau stellen

What else do you have to consider when designing a photo wall on moldings?

First of all, we want to draw your attention to the fact that there are moldings made of different materials on the market. Often they are made of wood or plastic, but can be made of a light metal or even glass. But you have to pay attention to the way they are attached to the wall for all models. The simpler and more stable, the better. If it can be done without drilling, then it’s perfect!

White moldings are definitely the number one choice of most homeowners.

Fotowand auf Leisten weißes Sofa Deko Kissen weiße leisten zahlreiche Fotos in schwarzen und weißen Rahmen

These gray photo strips inscribe themselves perfectly into the wall.

Fotowand auf Leisten graue Wand im Flur offenes Raumkonzept Grünpflanze rechts

Create an elegant design for the photo wall on ledges.

Fotowand auf Leisten gestalten Zimmerecke clever nutzen im Esszimmer richtiger Blickfang individuelle Note

In addition, the bars can be of different colors, although white and black are the most popular. The design of your own photo wall on moldings depends largely on your style and taste. But the strips can contrast with the wall or be designed in the same color and form a whole. The same goes for the picture frames. For example, if you have white strips, you choose black photo frames to introduce a certain dynamic into the design concept. The arrangement of the images also plays a decisive role in the overall look of the photo gallery. You can read more about this in the practical photo wall guide.

An elegantly designed photo wall goes perfectly with every furnishing style.

Fotowand auf Leisten Wohnzimmer Couch darüber Bilder anstatt Tisch alter Koffer Shabby Chic Stil

However, do not overdo it with the photos, otherwise the photo wall on ledges can be too dominant in the room.

Fotowand auf Leisten niedriges Bücherregal zahlreiche Bilder etwas übertriebene Gestaltung

Fotowand auf Leisten in verschiedenen Farben Esszimmer langer Tisch Sitzbank an der Wand bunte Kissen

Fotowand auf Leisten im Flur drei leisten viele Bilder schwarz weiße Gestaltung

Rather, look for the visual balance when designing your photo wall on strips!

Fotowand auf Leisten Kontrast zwischen weiß und schwarz sehr elegante Wandgestaltung

Fotowand auf Leisten Deko Artikel und Bilder gute visuelle Balance

Fotowand auf Leisten Dynamik in die Wandgestaltung bringen Deko Artikel Leisten aus hellem Holz

If you like contrasts …

Fotowand auf Leisten schwarz weiße Bilder weiße Fotorahmen auf schwarzem Hintergrund Kontraste schaffen

Fotowand auf Leisten schwarzer Hintergrund schwarze Bilderrahmen weiße Stehlampe modernes Design starker Kontrast

Fotowand auf Leisten Kontrast schaffen schwarzer Hintergrund weiße Bilder

Not only personal photos, but also pictures, graphics, drawings etc. can be arranged on the strips.

Fotowand auf Leisten sehr bunte Raumgestaltung farbenfrohe Bilder Grafiken Zeichnungen zwei Hunde

Fotowand auf Leisten Deko Artikel getrocknete Blumen leere Bilderrahmen Fernweh

Fotowand auf Leisten farbenfrohe Bilder interessante Wandgestaltung Stuhl im Vordergrund

Fotowand auf Leisten Holzboden Wandgestaltung in schwarz weiß Blickfang schwarze Kommode links

Fotowand auf Leisten klassische Bilderrahmen Wand rechts vor dem Bad gestalten Hingucker

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