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Design and furnish a small kitchen? How does it work?

Very often we have no other alternative than to cope with a limited living space in the rented apartment or in the apartment we have just bought. In such a situation, most people save on the kitchen, leaving only a limited space for their design and furnishings. Years ago I said that is absolutely wrong, because for us cooking, baking and preparing delicious meals have always been the highest priority. Nowadays I see it differently, because the modern and dynamic way of life has shown me that you could also set other preferences. So in our busy everyday life it is now no problem to be satisfied with a small kitchen space. But better said, in this case you are faced with the challenge of using the limited space correctly and cleverly so that you can design a practical, modern and cozy kitchen.

Use the small space correctly and cleverly


Even the smallest space can be used cleverly

Before you move on to designing and furnishing your small kitchen, there are a few important things to consider. For example, you first answer the question of which space in the apartment is best for this. Where does the water pipe run in your home? Can you also fit an extractor hood there? Is there enough space to place the necessary kitchen appliances there? The designers and kitchen manufacturers have long known the needs of the new residents very well and create a variety of models that also fit perfectly into the small kitchen. Here it is important to use the room height correctly! Plan vertically, upwards and find the best spot for your wall cabinets. Wall shelves and wall units would also be a plus, because they offer additional storage space in the small kitchen. And that’s particularly important there. Because, especially in narrow and confined spaces, you have to create the best possible order, otherwise everything will look mixed up. And no good housewife wants to allow that to happen. Because the disorder makes us feel uncomfortable and could depress us.


Corner cabinets fit perfectly here and the kitchen is bright enough because daylight comes straight through the wide windows onto the worktop. There is even enough space here for the breakfast bar!


Planning and designing a kitchenette would be a major challenge for you or none at all?


Even a small kitchenette can accommodate everything you need

Make your small kitchen as open and bright as possible

If you have really limited space for your kitchen, don’t hang your head in this case. Thousands of design variants are just waiting to be discovered by you. Prefer the open floor plan, where you can easily combine the kitchenette with the dining area. Such a design has many practical advantages!


A U-shaped kitchen can also be quite tempting

The small kitchen should be bright, brighter … and flooded with light! It is better to choose a light wall color there, which visually expands the small room. High-gloss kitchen cabinets are also a successful solution. It is important that you do not feel constricted there. But on the contrary! Even in the small kitchen you have to breathe freely and have enough space for kitchen activities.


The small kitchen has to be bright and flooded with light, which gives the limited space visual size and breadth


A kitchen placed in front of or next to the window is proof of clever planning and furnishing


White walls, white cabinets, white roller blinds – white in small rooms could never be boring!


You can also make good use of the space under the sloping roof and place your small kitchen there

Proper lighting is a must in narrow and narrow kitchens

In this single apartment, some functions have been combined in a small area. The kitchenette is right by the window and is illuminated by daylight. In addition, a work corner has been designed with a black chalk board and the right lighting has been provided there. Yes, that’s important too! The lighting in the small kitchen has to be thought through carefully, because you need enough light during the day and in the evening!


An appealing little kitchen niche where the space has been used properly

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