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Design children’s rooms with murals

Furnishing a child’s room at home can prove to be a real challenge for parents. They always try to make the realm of the little ones as harmonious, inviting and cozy as possible, because there the children spend a lot of time playing and learning. In this ambience, the creativity of the little ones must be challenged so that they can develop in a variety of ways. It is also desirable that a soft and relaxing atmosphere be created there. In the children’s room, calm and serenity should prevail, because these are of decisive importance for the general development of the child. Yes, it is not always easy to offer your children the best, but we want to help you with practical tips and eye-catching ideas, especially when it comes to interior design.


Spice up the white walls with beautiful murals and create a particularly cozy atmosphere in the children’s room

We all know very well, a cozy ambience is achieved with soft colors and noble materials. In the children’s room, you are bound to be faced with the dilemma of which wall color to choose or what kind of furniture and accessories to get for your little one. These are the basics of a children’s room. You are sure to find a wide range of children’s room furniture and other accessories on the market that meet your ideas and preferences. Regardless of whether you want to set up a baby room or a youth room, you have to try to meet your wishes and the needs of your children. And that is quite feasible. Yes, but the nicely furnished room could still lack that certain something. In this case, we recommend that you upgrade the interior with murals!


The murals are a successful idea to make the children’s room more creative.

The experts at Style Your Castle have a wide range of designs and can even implement unusual furnishing requests. Modern digital printing processes are used to create top-quality murals that actually go perfectly with any interior design style. If you want to introduce a decidedly rustic flair into the room, rely on wall art made of wood. These are precisely matched to the wall colors and accessories in the room and make the atmosphere there more pleasant for young and old. Because the murals usually express the children’s experiences, but also nature motifs and the best memories. It is entirely possible to determine the size of the murals and also to choose the material for their elaboration. Your pictures and desired motifs are on glass, stainless steel, acrylic and, as already mentioned, also on wood. You can design your own wall gallery for your home by freely choosing the color intensity and material thickness according to your taste and desire. You can create your own photo collage yourself online in the company’s design program.

photo collage murals

A black wall is also a good background for your photo collage

children's room-creative-decoration-ideas-murals

When it’s color coordinated, everything looks perfect!


Even an entire wall can bring out children’s memories and children’s wishes

Numerous design ideas are available to you! You can decide for yourself whether you want to present special occasions like weddings and births on the wall in a room at home or show your best holiday memories. Because murals are created for all rooms, not just for the children’s room. Your living room or bedroom could look more sublime with a few murals in there, right? Your work or home office maybe can get a new look. Brilliant colors, interesting motifs and frameless suspension undoubtedly spread a positive charisma and bring a pronounced modernity to the room. Is that exactly what you want for your four walls?


Murals can give every room that certain something and make the ambience look completely different


Everyone would want such an inspiring mural in the kitchen, right?


Let your imagination run wild!

Decorate your home with matching murals and put them in the limelight. There is absolutely no doubt that this wall decoration will immediately turn into a real eye-catcher in any ambience!
We wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

room atmosphere murals

Create a room atmosphere that leads to relaxation and stress relief.

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