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Design ideas for the modern dining room

Many interior designers refer to the dining room as the heart of the house. This cannot be denied, especially if the dining room is part of the kitchen-living room. This is actually the trend in modern room design – open floor plan, seamless transition from one area to another, wide view outside! And in terms of Dining room design there are great, modern trends that we want to present to you today. Stick with it and enjoy our pictures and examples, as well as the practical tips that accompany them.


The modern dining room has to be spacious, stylish but simply furnished and possibly have a wonderful view of the outside world

There is no doubt that the dining room is a particularly important space in the modern home. Family members come together there, eat and chat together. In the dining room you can host a Sunday brunch, organize a stylish dinner party or simply invite friends over for a cozy coffee hour. Communication is particularly important on every occasion, which is why the dining room must be designed in such a way that nothing stands in the way of exchanging ideas. Usually this space is furnished according to the dynamic style of its owners. But it has to be mentioned right away – more and more efforts are made to set up a spacious dining room where the usual activities – cooking, sitting comfortably and chatting – are quite possible. If you are in the process of furnishing a modern dining room, let the following picture examples inspire you:


Hanging lamps cast a directed light onto the dining table, around which chairs of various styles are placed

When designing your modern dining room, the first thing you need to do is show your style and character. Of course, you could furnish the room in a rustic style or choose the Scandinavian design – that depends on your preferences and personal preferences. But if you want to have a modern dining room, then it is better to forego any decorations, they do not fit the modern design. It should be simple and open, even minimalist. This gives you a room where you feel comfortable and at ease and where you can linger for a long time.


The beautiful cut flowers divert the gaze from the fancy chairs around the modern dining table

  1. Furniture and its placement

It goes without saying that the dining table is the focus of our interest in the design of every dining room. The shape of the dining table – round, square or rectangular – depends primarily on the available living space. The same goes for the number of chairs around the dining table. Their positioning is also important. In most cases you choose a central place for the dining table and chairs or you place them next to the window where it is pleasantly sunny during the day. Select a suitable place for this furniture and match the arrangement to the rest of the design in the room. Remember, a bench seat can replace two or three chairs and offers enough space for several people. As extras in your dining room interior, you could consider a side table or sideboard, because these pieces of furniture do not take up much space, but are very functional and quite practical. She is highly valued by every housewife.

country house-dining-room-ideas-with-wise-walls-brown-wooden-floor

A bench is a great idea because it offers enough seating, especially when there are too many visitors at once

There is also a great variety of materials from which dining room furniture can be made. But depending on their shape and the room design, you can choose the best, even combine them. Furniture made of wood, plastic and glass is usually considered. These always have a modern look and make the dining room look the same.


Pairing white with wood tones, glass, plastic and wood make the room look even more interesting

  1. Colors and lighting in the modern dining room

When it comes to dominant colors in the dining room, you have the freedom to choose from various options. Most homeowners lately have been opting for subtle shades that are part of the warm color palette. These bring a lot of cosiness into the room, are not intrusive and look sublime. If you wish, you could also add a few splashes of color to the ambience or create an accent wall. This is then an undisputed eye-catcher in the dining room.


The color duo blue and white is a synonym for sublimity

dining room-decor-ideas-scandinavian-dining room

A colorful carpet is eye-catching, but is in harmony with other design elements in the dining room and creates an impressive whole


Graphite gray with green accents – sophistication and charm in the modern dining room

We deliberately want to look at the color scheme and the lighting together, because they always go hand in hand in a modern dining room design. Without the right room lighting, the most beautiful colors cannot come into their own. So plan different light sources in advance, for example chic hanging lamps above the dining table or recessed lights on the ceiling, a floor lamp perhaps or another lamp on the side table. Anything that brings charm and style would be possible here again.


Direct light from above, lights hanging low above the dining table

  1. The decoration in the dining room reflects your style and character

The decoration in the modern dining room must be minimalist. If you bet on it, you wouldn’t go wrong. Because the dining room must not look overcrowded under any circumstances. Therefore keep all decorative items to a minimum. You can only decorate brightly and generously on special occasions and thus create a festive atmosphere. In everyday life, a couple of well-designed vases and a maximum of two candlesticks are sufficient. You can place a chic fruit bowl on the dining table, that would be appropriate and perfect enough. If you have favorite decorative items, posters, photographs or pictures, you have to be very careful when choosing something that you absolutely want to show. You can keep beautiful china and your salt and pepper set ready and take them out when necessary. At Christmas and Easter, you can break these rules for decorating the dining room and decorate everything accordingly. Then you can show everything your heart desires! Especially if this decoration corresponds to the festival!


Better to keep room decoration to a minimum


You can hang your favorite painting on the dining room wall and admire it during meals


Different chairs around the dining table provide variety in the design


A candlestick and a chic vase – this is the perfect decoration for the dining table


Less is more! The minimalist motto applies in most cases!

living ideas-mid-century-dining room

Flooded with light and elegantly designed – a modern dining room that many homeowners are sure to dream of!

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