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Design of a living room with sloping ceilings

he sloping ceilings have not posed a living problem for a long time, in contrast, they show themselves from their best side. The available space under one roof should simply be included in the living space in an advantageous manner. Why? The roof space is warm: you save heating costs. It is also equipped with high ceilings: the design options are numerous. Do you want to find out more about it? Please read on and be inspired by our photo examples.

With the right lighting, fresh paint and matching furniture, the living room under the roof can be designed in countless beautiful ways. If you don’t have a guest room at home, the fully equipped attic room can be very beneficial. In addition, the room with the sloping roof becomes the perfect retreat for every family member. It turns into a great hiding place for the children. Set up with comfortable poufs and bean bags, a screen and computer video games, the attic room would be instantly the favorite place of your children and their friends.

Modern minimalist Scandinavian style sloping ceiling

Flexible round table and simple wooden chairs leave a nostalgic, harmonious feeling of living

Living room chic stylish skylight sloping ceiling

Furniture is cleverly pulled out of the incline, so that the furnishings are optically moved into the center of the room

Furnishing attic duplex ceiling beams sloping

Color is used to emphasize here instead of hiding the sloping roof

Another alternative would mean furnishing the room under the roof very stylishly and lavishly with modern low furniture, colored decorative pillows and high-quality textiles. The result: You get a second living room that fully demonstrates your talent for creativity and design.

As you can see on our photo examples, the attic rooms look very cozy and secure. Thanks to the light colors, the slopes do not protrude at all. Bold color accents and cleverly placed decorative elements bring a certain urbanity to the attic room. The high white ceilings make the rooms appear open and cozy.

Living room sloping ceiling low furniture slim legs

The modern lines of the furniture make the attic room appear spacious and cozy

Made-to-measure pieces of furniture fit into the living room with centimeter precision, and the shelves in particular can be optimally adapted to the slope. The great wall color thus attracts attention.

Set up a sloping ceiling in the living room with an eclectic play of colors

The open shelving system is particularly practical next to the sloping roof

Finally, may we briefly mention the romantic side of the sloping roof? If you bring a skylight system into play, the result is a place to relax, where you can often and happily watch the starry sky.

Living room attic Scandinavian style corner sofa hanging lamp

Clear design and clever distribution under both slopes

Generous living room sloping roof furnishing idea

The space in the gable is no longer viewed as extra storage space

Living room attic room Scandinavian oak wood floor

The light, homely color dominates; only the sofa forms the color contrast

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