Design your own presents and cards

Whether it’s a present, a small souvenir, a nice greeting card or an invitation card, anyone who receives something from others is particularly happy about a personal, loving design. The gesture counts more than the result. Of course, you don’t have to do everything yourself, even small personal extras can create an individual effect.

Why DIY is still trending

There were times when what was considered valuable was what had been bought new and expensively. For many people, this view no longer applies today. Things have the value we attach to them. Individual design and doing things yourself are becoming more and more popular. A self-made dress often earns more admiration than an expensive designer piece.

In our own home, too, we are most attached to things that have a very personal touch. And a lovingly self-designed gift or a card you have made is usually more enjoyable than an impersonal item from the store.

Designing something yourself is fun and adds a personal touch. The effort invested is valued regardless of the result. So even small things can bring great joy.
Many ideas are of course also wonderfully suitable for handicrafts with children. This not only creates beautiful things, but also beautiful moments and memories together.

The gesture counts: make your own gifts


If you want to give away something that you have made yourself, you have many options, because there are plenty of ideas and suggestions on the Internet. If Gifts from the kitchen, home-made decorations or pretty ones Needlework, there is something suitable for everyone.

Individually created ones are of particular importance Memorabilia. Memory books or photo albums you have compiled yourself are, for example, gifts that never lose their value. Also a framed one collage on a specific topic works well for this. It can, for example, be composed of memories of the last vacation together and consist of photos, postcards, entrance tickets or the like.

But even those who don’t have a particularly creative hand can give away something personal. Because bought gifts can also be given an individual, loving touch. For example, who is a Gift set compiles himself, already shows that he has put thought and effort. Also through an individual packaging or an enclosed self-designed greeting card a gift becomes more personal. Of course, this also applies to giving away money or vouchers.

The crafting of cards in particular is not a lot of effort and is easy to cope with even for amateur craftspeople, especially when it comes to invitations for a celebration or thanks. For example, if you add a photo to a simple blank card, you are already creating a personal and individual card.

Inspirational stuff from the craft store


The specialist trade has all the necessary tools and materials ready for this. Here you will find a large selection for handicrafts and design and certainly one or the other inspiration. Smaller providers in particular can be an insider tip for particularly original and unique materials and articles. Much of it is of course also suitable as a great gift idea when it is put together into a nice little set.

With all gifts, the gesture is more important than the gift itself. It doesn’t have to be perfect or special. The special value of individual design does not lie in a perfect result. It is a pleasure that love and effort have been invested and the recipient will appreciate that too.

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