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Designing a cozy dining area outside – what’s hot this summer?

It’s summer and we’re all trying to spend more time outdoors, enjoying fresh air and lots of sun. If you already know the current outdoor trends for 2020, then you know that people are now happy to extend their living space outside. For this reason, most home and garden owners want to create a cozy dining area outside. We think that’s a great idea too. That’s why we decided to present new ideas for an outdoor dining area in today’s post. These are easy to replicate and can be a good source of inspiration. In addition, it doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large outdoor area. There is definitely space for a dining area. We’ll show you how to spice up your outdoor dining area and give it a fresh touch. Stick with it and get inspired for a great outdoor dining area!

A cozy dining area outside, which is embedded in a lot of green!

Essecke draußen in viel Grün gebettet Gartenblumen alter Holztisch Retro Stühle

Where is the most suitable place for a cozy dining area outside?

When we mean an outside dining area, we think of the garden, the open veranda or covered terrace. These places are perfect for creating an outdoor dining area. It would be good if the dining area is hidden from view so that you can enjoy your food there every day, undisturbed and far from prying eyes. If you have a protective wall of green trees and shrubs, then it is very clear that you place the dining area outside in front of it. A covered terrace or glazed veranda are also well suited for this. There you are well protected even in bad weather and you can still eat outside when it rains. You will definitely need good sun protection on hot summer days. Therefore, you need to get a suitable parasol or awning. Then you can stay outside longer in summer.

A green wall protects you from prying eyes while eating.

Essecke draußen grüne Wand Sichtschutz beim Essen Holztisch Metallgeflecht Stühle in Blau

On the covered veranda, you can enjoy your coffee to the full, even in rain and wind.

Essecke draußen überdachte Veranda gut geschützt vor Regen und Wind perfekt zum Kaffeetrinken im Sommer

In what style can you design the dining area outside?

The style of furnishing your outdoor dining area mainly depends on the interior style and your budget. The good news, however, is that you can also allow yourself a mix of styles here. It wouldn’t be a thorn in the side if you combine an old dining table with new, chic chairs or vice versa. That means, of course, that the individual pieces of furniture should not necessarily match each other. That’s a hot trend this summer that doesn’t only apply indoors, but can also be seen in full force outdoors. In the selected pictures you can see such examples that will convince you that a mix of styles does not look bad. Especially in the dining area outside!

The bigger the difference between table and chairs, the cooler it looks in the dining area outside!

Essecke draußen viele rosa Blüten alter Holztisch in Weiß alter Stuhl aus Metall neben einem neuen aus Holz

This is about different, even contradicting or mutually exclusive styles, which, of course, are now combined. For example, you can take a modern, sleek dining table and pair it with rustic chairs. So take a look around in the basement or in the attic, there you are sure to find some suitable pieces of furniture from grandma’s times. This summer you can use these in the dining area outside, because it is now high season!

State-of-the-art, elegant plastic chairs are paired here with a wooden dining table.

Essecke draußen hochmoderne elegante Plastikstühle Esstisch aus Holz dicke Tischplatte dunkle Hängelampe

Old furniture and light colors dominate the outdoor area this summer!

Essecke draußen alte Möbelstücke helle Farben dominieren im Sommer im Outdoor Bereich

What colors are up-to-date for the dining area outside this summer?

When it comes to the color design of your dining area outside, you have a lot of freedom to choose the shades that you like best. However, light colors are always preferable. They are the easiest way to liven up your outdoor space. Plus, you have plenty of options to add bright colors to it. For example, you can choose colorful dishes. A service in pastel colors fits perfectly here. In addition, you can opt for light-colored furniture. A great idea in this regard would be to paint old chairs a light color. For example, light blue is the perfect choice. Yellow, orange, and light green are also popular. If you want more color outside, choose dining table chairs in red. These immediately turn into great eye-catchers outdoors.

These red chairs are sure to have gotten a second chance, but they look great!

Diese Stühle in Rot haben bestimmt eine zweite Chance bekommen sehen aber ausgezeichnet aus

Don’t forget that you can create a nice visual impact in the dining area outside with textiles. This will definitely spice up the dining area without spending a lot of money. Light-colored seat or throw pillows, blankets and table runners as well as napkins are just the thing to make the dining area beautiful, colorful and inviting.

Tablecloth and napkins in light blue spice up the dining area outside.

Essecke draußen Tischdecke Servietten in Hellblau aufpeppen den Platz im Freien

The braided pattern is now celebrating a real revival in furniture and lamps.

Essecke draußen Flechtmuster echtes Revival bei Möbeln Lampen hier viele Hängelampen über dem Esstisch

Essecke draußen stabiler Esstisch zwei Sitzbänke elegante Hängelampe Flechtmuster

Essecke draußen viel Grün herum eine alte Hängelampe in Flechtmuster

The right lighting makes your dining area a favorite place outside, even in the evening

Beautiful, discreet lights always make an outdoor area very inviting, and in many cases even make it appear magical. For this reason, one shouldn’t underestimate the outdoor lighting. But on the contrary! With the right lighting, you can achieve amazing effects. Therefore, depending on your own style and taste, consider suitable lights for the outside dinette. For example, standing or hanging lamps, old lanterns and candle holders are just the thing to make the dining area light and cozy in the evening. Our advice is to get hold of different types of lights. These would give you a lot of leeway for the best lighting on different occasions outside.

Here you can organize a romantic dinner in the open air.

Essecke draußen passende Außenbeleuchtung romantisches Abendessen im Freien organisieren

Fairy lights are also a great idea for the outside dining area!

Essecke draußen passende Beleuchtung Lichterkette romantische Atmosphäre

Do you want to invite friends over for dinner outside?

Essecke draußen richtige Beleuchtung im Freien romantische Atmosphäre Abendessen mit Freunden

Essecke draußen im Retro Stil wie ein Zelt am Wasser bescheidene Gestaltung

We wish you a nice summer!

Essecke draußen alte Stühle Tisch Retro Stil vor dem Gartenzaun aus Holz angenehme Atmosphäre

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