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Designing a large bathroom – clever tips and practical tricks for you!

Is there anything better than a large bathroom? Many people view this question with skepticism. Most people complain that bathroom furnishings could become an issue in the larger bathroom. You quickly feel uncomfortable in it. However, this can only happen if you do not know any suitable tips and tricks for the setup. We have a few of them ready for you here.

Division of the room into different zones

We can divide the room into different zones and thus divert attention from the area that is too large. Here are some well-working methods for doing this.

Badewanne Holz Hocker Fensterrahmen Bodenfliesen

A large bathroom can be made very inviting and cozy

Lay out small tiles as a floor covering

The tiles must be smaller than the area of ​​your foot. You can also install larger tiles, but they contain some smaller figures in them. The colors are a matter of taste.

kleines badezimmer fliesen ideen

Small floor tiles distract the eye from the size of the bathroom

Design of the floor and parts of the walls with the same tiles

Another trick with tiles, which is particularly suitable for large bathrooms, would be to cover the walls and partially the floor with the same tiles in such rooms.

modernes Bad gestalten

In the large bathroom you have a lot of freedom in designing the walls

Separate the room into vertical and horizontal areas

Decorative elements, space interlocking, pictures and wall niches are just a few of the many methods of dividing the room vertically or horizontally. This makes the room appear much smaller than it actually is.
Photo 11: In the large bathroom you have a lot of free space on the wall that you can use cleverly
Title: Create a large bathroom freely use wall space Storage of small basket towels Cosmetics

Contrasting colors

Many people feel uncomfortable in a fragmented space. The methods just mentioned would be unsuitable for them. If you insist on the seamless design, then contrasting colors are another option for large bathrooms.

großes Badezimmer gestalten Graphit Weiß im Kontrast

Graphite and white make the perfect contrasting mix of colors in the large bathroom

The color of the ceiling

If a large bathroom should appear smaller, the right ceiling design can also help a lot. This should be painted a different color from the walls and floor.

großes Bad gestalten Farben Texturen mixen stilvoller Look

In the large bathroom you have the opportunity to mix colors and textures and still achieve a stylish look


Mirrors are generally recommended for enlarging a room. But actually their effect changes depending on how they are used. If you want to make the room look smaller and more comfortable despite the mirror, then introduce several smaller ones. These should ideally also have visibly larger frames.

großes Bad gestalten kleinere Spiegel

Large mirrors visually expand the bathroom, so you need to have smaller mirrors in the large bathroom

Different textures

The different textures are another design option for large bathrooms. With these, the room does not appear monochrome, i.e. large. A bathroom in which the same colors and materials predominate looks like free space that still has to be filled with something. The varied textiles, in turn, are those that “tell” you something. This makes the bathroom feel sensibly filled.

badezimmer gestalten ideen Wandbilder Flechtkorb Holz

Natural materials are widely used in large bathrooms

Various natural materials are recommended in the bathroom. These have different beneficial effects and in combination you can turn this room into a paradise.

Functionality in the bathroom

In the large bathroom you have space for a large number of functional areas. You should definitely benefit from it too. You can create a small spa center there. That makes perfect sense and the investment will pay off in the long run because you don’t have to waste time and money on it all the time outside of home.
Which spa and cosmetic areas can be in the bathroom? Here are some examples:
– a dressing table with matching mirror and storage space; a chair to go with it;
– place where you can do your hairstyle; this area can be combined with the dressing table;
– Pedicure and manicure area;
– Space for scrubs and other types of full body care;
– sauna or steam bath.
With all the options in mind, the bathroom can never really be too big. Look forward to your paradise and develop its possibilities!

großes Bad gestalten Duschkabine Badewanne

In the large bathroom you have enough space and space for all your design ideas

Duschkabine Glas Badewanne Graphit Bodenfliesen klein

In the large bathroom you can set contrasts and make the bathroom design very appealing

großes Bad gestalten kleiner Spiegel

Small wall mirrors are recommended in the large bathroom

Bad gestalten ideen schön großes bad mit bodenfliesen

Even the smallest details usually have a powerful effect in bathroom design

großes Bad gestalten clevere Ideen

In the large bathroom you can have niches for your bathroom cosmetics

großes Bad gestalten Bodenteppich

In which style do you want to design your large bathroom?

Design fürs Bad modern bodenfliesen ideen

In the large bathroom you can allow yourself floor tiles in a subtle pattern, they do not visually disturb the uniform look in the bathroom

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