DFK cabin kit for Polaris Ranger

The DFK Cab team from the Czech Republic has developed a DFK cab kit for the Polaris Ranger XP 1000 EPS. It will be available from the end of June 2018. There will be a presentation at the DFK Cab stand at Intermot. What makes this cab special: It fully complies with the required standards and has been tested in numerous collision tests. “The cabin can be delivered with a TÜV test,” emphasizes Gerold Vonblon, “that hasn’t been available until now. The usual cabins on the market do not have tested doors, which can then be ripped out.”

DFK cabin kit for Polaris Ranger: premium product

DFK cabin kit for Polaris Ranger: tested doors in detailWith the easy-fit system, the kit is easy to attach to the vehicle, even if a specialist dealer is needed for the appropriate assembly of all components, who has to invest two days of work here – “that’s the reality, you then own a high-quality one product,” says Gerold.
DFK cabin kit for Polaris Ranger: protective glass windscreen for tiltingE20 homologated protective glass is the material of the windscreen, which can be tilted and is equipped with wipers. The rear window is made of the same material and equipped with a clamp system for quick attachment. A roll-over warning label is also installed. The roof panel is made of pressed steel. The processed plastic absorbs noise. Reinforcing steel frames, polycarbonate panels and protective glass form the components of the cabin doors, which are equipped with panoramic rear-view mirrors.
The heating system with anti-fog function works like a car heater, so it has to be wired and installed.


Basically, the kit is available in different versions from Vonblon in Vorarlberg. A price is available from the retailer on request. chk

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