Difference Between User Group And Group Tab In Su01

What is the difference between the user group tab in the SU01 transaction code? These are two different entities. A user’s LOGON DATA and GROUPS tabs represent the two separate parts of the user master record. The LOGON DATA tab is used to create and maintain user IDs. The GROUPS tab is used to change existing groups. The SU01 t code is a primary transaction for creating and maintaining user IDs.

The difference between user group tab in SU01 is that a user can be assigned to multiple groups. One can assign different groups to different users. The group tab is for assigning users to a specific user group. The user id and description will be assigned to a specific user group. After the creation of the group, it will be possible to assign that person to that particular group.

A user group is a class of user that is assigned to a particular user. In the SAP system, a user is assigned to a specific group based on his or her roles. A user is assigned to a certain group based on their role. The purpose of a user group is to restrict the access that a person has to a certain system. A user can be in two different groups. General user group and authorization. Both of these groups are useful in identifying and categorizing users.

A user can be assigned to multiple user groups. SU01 can help you create a user group. In this transaction, users can assign users to different groups based on their role. You can also assign users to a general user group. It is very important to maintain the groups in all SAP systems. This feature is necessary if you want to implement Central User Administration. You must define user groups in each system you have.

SU01 allows you to create groups. A user can only be part of one group. If he belongs to multiple groups, the SU01 will not display the user’s SU01-GRID. If he belongs to more than one, he can be in both groups and create groups. If he doesn’t belong to any, then he won’t have access to the system.

The user group tab in SU01 is the default location for user groups. It holds information about the type of user who is logged into the system. The other types are called roles. This tab is for group administrators. You can assign multiple users to one group and assign different users to another. However, you cannot have two different user groups. For each type, you must create a new group for each user.

A user group is a category of users in the SAP database. It is a set of users that can be assigned to another group. The main advantage of using a user’s own unique ID is that it is unique. If you want to assign multiple roles to the same group, use a custom name. You can even assign different names to different groups. If you assign more users to a single user, he will be in the same group as those in another.

A user’s user id can be assigned to more than one group. The difference between a user and a client-dependent user is important to ensure that the group is not the same as the other. SU01 allows users to select a single group to belong to. A single user can belong to only one group. A SUPER group can only belong to a single system. The SU01 will automatically assign a SUPER user to the SUPER user group.

The difference between user group tab in SU01 is important for security reasons. While a user can be assigned to a user group, they cannot belong to a user group. A super user can only belong to a single user, while a non-super user can belong to multiple groups. Therefore, SU01 is essential for a business that requires super users. The SU01 should have access to the same roles as the normal users.

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