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Dina Flanagan Net Worth – Who Is Dina Flanagan?

Dina is an American television and film producer who has worked on movies like Swifty & Veg and White Widow as well as producing Teenage Caveman, a TV movie.

Tommy Flanagan lives with her in Malibu, California and their personal lives remain mostly hidden; however he has stated their intention of building an self-sufficient ranch together.

Early Life and Education

Dina Livingston is an extremely private individual and has not provided much detail about her early life. However, it appears she may have attended a reputable school.

She currently resides with her husband Tommy Flanagan in Malibu, California where they share custody of Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan – their daughter.

Tommy Flanagan is an award-winning Scottish actor best known for playing Filip ‘Chibs’ Telford on FX’s Emmy-nominated biker drama Sons of Anarchy. Additionally, he has made appearances in films directed by James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2) and Bleecker Street’s Papillon remake (2017) with Charlie Hunnam.

Flanagan has been married three times, producing two children from his first marriage with Rachel Flanagan (which ended in 2001) and second with Jane Ford (which ended in 2010). Since 2010, he has been with Dina as his third and current spouse; they share one daughter.

Professional Career

Dina is an accomplished producer best known for her contributions to movies like White Widow, Swifty and Veg, and Teenage Caveman. She boasts good looks as well as healthy bodyweight.

Tom Flanagan has been working in the film industry since 2002. Together they reside in Malibu, California. According to an interview given by Tommy, they wish to construct a self-sufficient ranch.

Dina Flanagan is both the mother and wife of Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan, whom they share a close bond with. Aside from her professional life, Dina remains relatively private in terms of both her personal and professional lives – keeping much of herself hidden. Dina is known to signify with the zodiac sign Virgo while the exact nature of her education remains unclear. However, Dina remains hard working and dedicated to her profession.

Personal Life

Tommy Flanagan is an esteemed actor known for his roles on Guardians of the Galaxy and Sons of Anarchy. Additionally, in his personal life he is an exemplary husband and father; since 2010 he has been happily married to producer Dina Livingston with whom they share one daughter together.

This couple have been living happily in California and devoting much of their time to raising their daughter, Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan. However, details on their personal lives and relationship remain scarce.

He previously married Rachel Flanagan from 1998 to 2001 and Jane Ford from 2007 to 2010, before marrying Dina in Malibu. Dina, an award-winning TV, film, and costume producer hailing from the US who has produced such movies as White Widow, Swifty & Veg.

Net Worth

Dina Flanagan currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million as of 2023, thanks to her work as a producer on movies like White Widow, Swifty & Veg, and Narcissus Dreams that earned her recognition and financial gain.

She is also renowned as an actress, winning numerous awards throughout her career. She stands at an attractive medium height with healthy body proportions.

Tommy Flanagan, best known for playing Filip ‘Chibs’ Telford on FX series Sons of Anarchy, had two previous marriages: Rachel Flanagan from 1998 to 2001 and later Jane Ford from 2007-10. As a result of Tommy’s popularity he and Anna’s daughter Aunjanue have gained many followers via word of mouth alone! Although Aunjanue has yet to create her own social media accounts she has still gained many admirers.

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