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Discover modern chests of drawers and use them in your own home

Every house is different. They differ not only in size, but also in style and number of residents, their needs and requirements. Check out our 5 ideas on how to store your clothes.

Wardrobe with shelves

The wardrobe is the most famous piece of furniture for not only storing clothes. You can find them in every room. You can opt for a wardrobe with classic or sliding doors. You can choose a ready-made solution or order a custom-made wardrobe that fits perfectly in your bedroom;

If you think the dresser only fits in the bedroom, then you are wrong!

Kommoden ein Modell in Terrakotta Farbe Hingucker im Wohnzimmer modernes Flair


A chest of drawers is an excellent piece of furniture not only for bedrooms, it is also increasingly found in living rooms. And that’s no wonder. Thanks to the pull-out drawers, you have access to the entire contents without having to take out things from the front. In addition, you can place a television on the dresser, thus gaining additional space;

Modern chests of drawers for the living room offer enough storage space for your books, records, etc.

Kommoden ein Modell fürs Wohnzimmer genügend Stauraum für Bücher Schallplatten Vasen weitere Raumdekoration

Clothes racks not only for jackets

A clothes rack in the hallway is used every day to store seasonal outerwear. However, if you decide to build a clothes rack, you will win a wardrobe with rails in which you can easily store not only jackets, but also dresses, jackets and suits;

Cloakroom with interesting solutions

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a cloakroom in the house. How you set them up will largely depend on the clothes you own. However, you should have items like drawers, shelves, or hangers;

Boxes for seasonal clothes

In addition to furniture, different types of boxes are also a great way to store seasonal clothing. Thanks to this solution, the clothes that are waiting for the season will not be damaged and will remain fresh.

A custom-made chest of drawers immediately turns into a great eye-catcher in the room!

Kommoden maßgefertigte Modelle runde Kommode in Gelb im Wohnzimmer Deko Artikel darauf zur Schau stellen

Custom-made chest of drawers – an original way of storing more than just clothes

The chest of drawers has long ceased to be a standard piece of furniture associated with identical drawers. When deciding on a bespoke dresser, you can choose one that has a closed layout (drawers, boxes) or is partially open (shelves, drawers, or boxes). You decide on such parameters as:

  • Dimension (height, width and depth);
  • Arrangement and number of drawers;
  • Arrangement and number of shelves;
  • Arrangement and number of cabinets;
  • Color.

When you choose a personalized chest of drawers, you get a unique piece of furniture that is tailored to your needs and the style of your interior. Do not hesitate and take a look at our wide selection of dressers now and choose the one that suits all your needs.

You can display various home accessories and room decorations on the dresser in the living room.

Kommoden ein Modell fürs Wohnzimmer Stauraum für Bücher darauf Schallplatten Vasen Wohnaccessoires zur Schau stellen.

A model for minimalists!

Kommoden ein Modell für Minimalisten im Wohnzimmer viele kleine Schubladen Stauraum

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