Do I have a secondary school leaving certificate after I have completed my apprenticeship?

Do I have a secondary school leaving certificate after I have completed my apprenticeship?

In some federal states you can even study at a university of applied sciences with a high school diploma and a completed apprenticeship. Even if you want to do your schooling, you should also think about getting your high school diploma, you can often only apply there if you have a high school diploma.

How can I catch up on my degree?

Catch up on school-leaving qualifications1) Attend a pre-vocational year. You can go into a vocational preparation year ( BVJ ) if you have not found an apprenticeship position. 2) Attending a vocational training course. 3) Visiting a vocational school. 4) evening schools. 5) Successful completion of vocational school.

Is it possible to repeat the secondary school certificate?

Catching up on the Realschule qualification: Prerequisites It is almost always possible to repeat or catch up on the Realschule qualification. After the end of the ninth or tenth grade at a Hauptschule, there is a waiting period of one year before the qualification can be made up on the second educational path.

How long does a high school diploma take?

In most cases, you have to reckon with a year to catch up on your secondary school diploma. However, the duration also depends on your situation. For example, if you have your secondary school certificate, you can achieve the Realschule certificate in night school in one year.

How long does it take to do your Fachabi?

Duration of the Fachabitur The acquisition of the Fachhochschulreife takes between two and a maximum of four years, depending on the organizational form of the course. Part-time models are also possible.

Do you have a higher school certificate after training?

Depending on the federal state, the secondary school leaving certificate is also referred to as vocational maturity, (simple) vocational training maturity, successful completion of secondary school or first general school leaving certificate. In some cases, additional classes are required in order to obtain a higher school diploma.

Do you have a technical qualification through training?

Do you automatically have a vocational diploma after completing an apprenticeship? That can be answered briefly with “no”. There is a lack of in-depth theoretical knowledge for the technical baccalaureate. The Fachabitur can, however, be made up for in all German federal states with a completed apprenticeship.

What can you study with a commercial apprenticeship?

For graduates of a commercial profession, for example, economics courses are particularly suitable. These include business administration, commercial law or economics. Various management courses are also interesting for business people.

Can you study after completing your training?

Studying without a high school diploma is possible if you have successfully completed vocational training and several years of professional experience, or before you are admitted to the course, the university may require you to pass an aptitude test, an aptitude interview or a trial study.

What can I study with a completed apprenticeship?

For example, if you have completed commercial training, a degree in business administration is a particularly good fit. If you have completed training in the social field, you can build on this perfectly with a dual nursing degree or courses such as social work or special education.

Can I study with a high school diploma and a completed apprenticeship?

For a few years now, however, more and more young people who have left school with a high school diploma or a secondary school certificate have been getting to universities via detours. In other words, they can in principle study any subject at any university, regardless of whether it is a university or a technical college – without having to take the Abitur.

Can you study after an apprenticeship without a high school diploma?

You can be admitted to the course without the Abitur if you have vocational training and/or several years of professional experience in a professional field with a technical connection to the field of study.

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