Do I have health insurance during the blocking period?

Do I have health insurance during the blocking period?

Although the right to unemployment benefit is suspended during the blocking period, insurance is compulsory at the beginning of the second month of the blocking period. The compulsory insurance begins on April 16, 2017.

Who pays the social security contributions if you are unemployed?

Anyone who receives unemployment benefits is compulsorily insured in the statutory health and long-term care insurance. The employment agency pays the full amount.

What happens if you are not insured?

Anyone who is not insured and therefore does not pay any insurance premiums must expect some consequences: Contribution debts accumulate. In case of doubt, customs collect it – for example by attaching an account. In addition, the insurers levy late payment surcharges.

How long can you not be insured?

Statutory health insurance As a voluntarily insured person, you have to pay the full contributions. Only late payment surcharges that have not yet been paid will be reduced to 1 percent per month. Contribution debts in the statutory insurance expire after four years – except in the case of willful withholding.

Can you see a doctor if you are not insured?

Can you then see a doctor without health insurance? Yes, with some restrictions. In principle, everyone in Germany is treated who suffers from acute pain or is life-threatening. This also applies to people who do not have health insurance.

What if you are not insured for a month?

The biggest hurdle when returning to health insurance: If you haven’t had health insurance for a while, you have to pay part of the unpaid premiums. This also applies if you have not used any benefits during your time without insurance, i.e. never been to the doctor.

How long do I have health insurance after deregistration?

After the end of your employment relationship, you are entitled to health insurance benefits in kind (= health treatment) for a further 6 weeks. The entitlement to sick pay for new cases of illness remains for 3 weeks.

What happens if I can no longer pay the health insurance?

What happens if the health insurance contributions are not paid? Due to the compulsory insurance in Germany, you cannot be thrown out of the insurance. Because of the unpaid contributions, you will first receive reminders and payment requests from the health insurance company.

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