Does the teacher have a duty of confidentiality?

Does the teacher have a duty of confidentiality?

As a teacher, you must maintain confidentiality about official matters, especially externally. As a rule, confidentiality does not apply within the teaching staff; after all, you must and should exchange ideas with colleagues about difficult students, for example, in order to be able to support each student in the best possible way.

What is expected of a teacher?

As a parent, one can expect the following from a teacher: The profession of teacher includes educating, teaching, assessing and advising students on their own responsibility. This also includes, in particular, educating them to be independent.

What are the duties of a primary school teacher?

Primary school teachers teach interdisciplinary classes in the first to fourth grades and have mostly specialized in one of the areas of sport, art, music or religion. In addition to arithmetic, writing and reading, they teach a lot of basic and general knowledge.

How does primary school teaching work?

Like any other teacher training course, the teaching course at elementary schools consists of a six-semester bachelor’s degree and a four-semester master’s degree. You will already complete some compulsory internships during your bachelor’s degree. Courses in pedagogy form the basis for the primary school teaching degree.

How much does a kindergarten teacher earn net?

Average salary in the profession of educator by federal stateGross salary in € North Rhine Westphalia2,450.64Baden Württemberg2,392.20Schleswig Holstein2,450.37Bavaria2,633.0013

How much does a primary school teacher earn?

In Bavaria, primary school teachers classified in grade A12 earn EUR 3,924.89 gross. In the same federal state, a teacher at a grammar school or at a vocational school earns EUR 4,579.86 gross per month.

How much does a primary school teacher earn net in NRW?

While the civil servant high school teacher still has 3,247.13 euros net per month, a salaried teacher from the same school earns only 2,420.30 euros net per month.

What is the net income of a teacher in North Rhine-Westphalia?

On a net basis, however, the difference becomes clearer: while a civil servant teacher in North Rhine-Westphalia has a net amount of EUR 3,157.70 per month, teachers employed under collective bargaining agreements earn only EUR 2,587.77 net per month. The wage difference increases in net earnings to 569.93 euros per month.

What does a school principal earn net?

The net difference is hardly noticeable at all. For comparison: A school principal at a grammar school is in the salary table at A16 – depending on the federal state and age, the gross salary is between 5,600 and 7,000 euros.

What do you earn as a substitute teacher?

Salary range: Substitute teacher in Germany € 47,994 € 3,871 gross salary (median) for 40 hours per week: 50% of the data sets are above this value and 50% below. Calculation: 672 data records from people who work in this profession (regardless of professional experience, personnel responsibility, etc.).

How do you become a substitute teacher?

Who can become a substitute teacher? Teachers with the 1st and 2nd state examination for a teaching degree.Teachers with the 1st state examination for a teaching profession.Teachers in retirement or retirement.University and technical college graduates.Students.

How much do you earn as a substitute teacher?

A substitute teacher who teaches ‘only’ classes 5 to 10 at a comprehensive school receives € 2,895.92 per month in ‘level 1’ according to TVÖD E11. If he had a second state examination, he would receive € 2,998.46 per month in “Level 1” according to TVÖD E12.

What do you earn as a special education teacher?

The special school teachers are usually assigned to salary group A13 and receive an initial gross salary of around 4,000 euros per month.

What do you earn as a special education teacher?

If you work as a subject teacher, you will probably earn at least € 31,800 and in the best case € 47,300 … Salary for a subject teacher in Germany.GermanyBerlinAverage salary € 38,700 Possible salary range € 30,600 – € 46,200 Open positionsJobs for Berlin19 more columns

What can I do with special education?

Inclusive and special education teachers teach and supervise students with special needs. They take into account the causes of the learning difficulties and at the same time help to deal with them or to overcome them.

What does a school principal earn?

Primary school (salary level A13): from 3,700 euros gross per month. Realschule (salary level A13): from 3,700 euros gross per month. Secondary school (salary level A13): from 3,700 euros gross per month. Gymnasium (salary level A16): from 5,200 euros gross per month.

How much does a deputy headmaster earn?

Headmaster – Salary DifferencesProfessional Salary Fluctuation Headmaster Hauptschule4,230 € / month-1% Headmaster Realschule / Realschulrektor3,930 € / month-8% Headmaster / Rector Primary School3,890 € / month-9% Deputy Headmaster3,800 € / month-11% 3rd

How much do you earn as a school supervisor?

School Supervisor Salaries in Germany The salary range as a school supervisor is between € 26,300 and € 40,800. Anyone looking for a job as a school companion will find a large number of job offers in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

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