Dog Taxi: Quaddriver Maverick conversion

The Quaddriver Maverick conversion comes from the conversion specialists at Quaddriver Brendler & Eitner in Dresden Neustadt. The customer wanted an off-road vehicle that you don’t see every day. And it also had to have enough space for his two dogs, which he wanted to take with him on trips to the countryside. This created the first prerequisites for looking for a suitable vehicle. On display at Quaddriver was a Can-Am Maverick MAX Turbo Carbon Black Manta Green. After the test drive, the decision was made.

Quaddriver Maverick conversion: lights, winch and roof

Quaddriver Maverick conversion: at the front with over 30,000 lumens of LED lightingNow it was time for the beautification according to the customer’s wishes. The catalog with the original accessories was a great help. Depending on the requirements, one or two men from the Quaddriver team worked for a week on the Quaddriver Maverick conversion. First, the Maverick had to be taken apart and stripped down. In addition to the cable harnesses for the bow and the Quaddriver Maverick conversion: with new heating and ventilation systemWith more than 30,000 lumens of LED lighting in the front, the new heating and ventilation system was a major challenge at the beginning.
This was followed by the installation of the cable winch, including the remote control and the aluminum underbody protection. The vehicle was roughly assembled after installing the sport rocker guards, the Pre Runner bull bar, both in Manta Green, and the rear bumper. The double 99 cm long LED light bar on the roof, the double 43 cm LED light bar on the front bumper and the double 25 cm LED bar at the rear gave an idea of ​​what the MAX Turbo would impress with.
quad driverA bimini roof, a light fabric top with sun visor, the wind deflector made of plastic, additionally hardened, and the aluminum sports doors made the Can-Am Maverick grow into a vehicle suitable for everyday use. The 124 liter luggage box was equipped with special covers in manta green. The fender flares offer additional dirt and mud protection.
With that, she was done, the new MAX, ready for registration as a LoF tractor and ready for the DEKRA. The report was issued.


With a basic price of around 30,000 euros and a final price of around 43,000 euros, the conversion costs can be calculated fairly accurately. until

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