Don Law Obituary

Lawrence “Don” Law passed away peacefully on Thursday, April 8, 2021, in his home in Rogers, Arkansas. Born on January 14, 1958, he enjoyed playing golf, writing, photography, and being a big Razorbacks fan. A native of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Law worked as a writer and photographer for several years and was also an employee at Qwest Communications in Des Moines, Iowa.

Don was a member of the Baptist Church in Butler, Missouri. He had lived in Butler for over 35 years and was a lifelong resident. He is survived by his wife, Linda Law, of Butler. Their three daughters, Dr. Kathy Huenefeld of Little Rock, Mo., and Molly Griffith, Dr. David Jackson of Florida, and Sharon Bowling of Harrisonville, MO, are the last remaining members of his family. Don is also survived by four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

The funeral service will be held on Friday, June 15, in Columbus. Don was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and raised on a farm near Roanoke, Tennessee. He married Carol Petron Law on November 9, 1984 in Gatlin, Tennessee. She passed away on November 18, 2010. He graduated from Roanoke High School in 1952 and Indiana University in 1963. He worked for the Cummins Engine Company for over 25 years.

Don Law is survived by his wife, Linda, of Butler, Missouri, and his three daughters, Molly Griffith and Dr. David Jackson. They are all residents of Charles City. They have thirteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Don is also survived by his parents, sister, and two brothers. This obituary was written by friends of his life. There are many beautiful memories of Don and Carol. They will always be remembered and cherished by his family.

Don Law’s family is mourning his passing. He was born on September 22, 1934 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and lived in Roanoke for most of his life. He was a Baptist by faith, and he is survived by his wife, Carol, and his children, especially their daughters, Julie Thrailkill, and grandchildren, LaVaun and Carter Johnson. There are several services planned for the funeral on Friday, and you can share your thoughts with the family.

Don Law was a lifelong resident of Butler. He was a computer analyst, and in recent years, worked for Murphy’s Dairy. He was a member of the Presbyterian church. He was a Baptist by faith and had a wonderful sense of humor. His wife was his biggest supporter, and she will never forget her love. And, in honor of her, you can share the stories of her life with your family.

Donald Law, Sr. was born in Sioux City, Iowa, the son of Helen and Daniel Law. He later married Laurie Clark, and they had four children, Don Jr. and Kaylin. Don was a member of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Le Mars, and he was a member of the church for almost 50 years. He is survived by his wife, June Leonard, and their daughter Gaby and son Brian.

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