Don’t overdo it: ten common mistakes when setting up

Having trouble setting up your home? Yes, I think many homeowners have the same problem. We will show you how you can avoid common mistakes in room design.

Optimal use of space - kitchen wall shelves storage space

Optimal use of space in the kitchen

Diverse materials and colors-home office flowers wallpaper colorful

Diverse materials and colors

The room can appear cluttered - living room boho chic eclectic

The room can appear cluttered

Too many objects in one place: space is just as important as a stylish interior.

Lots of materials in a room-brown tones earth tones living room

Many materials in one room

Diverse fabrics in the room: you should limit yourself to 2-3 types of fabric and design the interior in a minimalist manner.

Furnishing with character - rustic, eclectic, individual design

Furnishing with character

Add individuality to the interior and don’t play it safe: The living room can look modern and still have a stark wall color or unusual furnishings. You should make the best decision based on your personal tastes and preferences.

Position curtains high on the window - curtains spatial effect

Position the curtains high on the window

Pay attention to the correct height of the curtains. Otherwise the room looks inharmonious.

Small room eclectic decor-violet sofa pendant lamp fireplace

Perfect lighting in the small room

Small room cleverly set up-wood bed frame concrete wall bookcase

Set up a small room cleverly

Small furniture in a small room? Not necessarily. Because larger pieces of furniture look more impressive and create the illusion that there is more free space.

Modern and traditional pieces of furniture mix - country style rustic

Mixing modern and traditional pieces of furniture

Classic decor is not classic for everyone-decorating style

Classic furnishings are not for everyone

A mix of styles could look more interesting than just classic or just modern.

Don't forget beautiful accessories-side table in wood to set up your living room

Don’t forget beautiful accessories

Storage areas such as side tables are essential elements, otherwise the furnishings will look sparse.

Better to avoid monotony - modern white kitchen design

Better to avoid monotony

The market is so diverse that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one furniture store or one collection. Choose creatively different styles and create your own unique home design.

Correct size of the carpet-living room interior comfortably bright

Choose the right size of the carpet

The small carpet makes the room appear narrower. So don’t hesitate to go for a larger rug that almost reaches the wall.

Pretty daring-modern living room luxury

Pretty daring – modern living room with a luxury touch

Stay off the beaten path: apparent mistakes in the furnishing can result in great home designs in the end.
Act according to your gut instinct and don’t let fashion influence you too much!

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