Dreaming in a family bed – the right mattress for everyone


As you make your bed, you dream. The saying couldn’t be truer. The right mattress is essential for a good, healthy sleep. In the family bed there are often three or more people whose demands and needs have to be met. After all, parents should sleep just as well as their children. But in the jungle of different offers and possibilities, you quickly lose track of what a good mattress should do.

Different materials offer different advantages and disadvantages

When the search for a new mattress begins, it must be clarified which type of mattress is suitable for the needs of the family. In this case we put latex mattresses and cold foam mattresses against each other. These are currently some of the most popular types of mattresses. Of course, they differ in material. But also in the air circulation and the lying properties.

Cold foam mattress Latex mattress
material Cold foam made of polyurethane Natural latex from rubber trees or synthetic latex
Air circulation The mattress stores heat,
Air circulation very good
Latex keeps you cool and regulates the air release very well
Lying properties Cold foam is only available from a volume weight
of 60 point elastic, including only area elastic and thus only hugs the body over a large area
Latex mattresses are point-elastic and stabilize the spine precisely and efficiently
Shape and stability The smaller the degree of hardness, the faster it will develop
with constant load, deep hollows and the stability of the spine decreases.
The shape returns faster after lying down. However, pits also form here over time.
Suitable for allergy sufferers Not recommended for mites and house dust allergies Cannot be used if you have an existing latex allergy

The right degree of hardness to feel good

Mattresses are offered in different degrees of firmness. A distinction is made between H2 (soft), H3 (medium degree of hardness) and H4 (hard). Many manufacturers recommend a different degree of hardness depending on your body weight. This is also related to the wear and tear of the mattress. Cold foam and latex mattresses (as described in the table above) have the disadvantage that hollows form over time. The faster the lower the hardness of these mattresses. So after a while they cannot return to their original form. They literally got worn out.

When making a purchase decision, however, the degree of hardness should not be determined based on body weight, but purely on the feel-good factor. Of course, we are constantly looking for new materials that support comfortable sleep as the main focus. A new product called Qx foam would be very promising. The foam developed by bett1.de provides point-elastic and permanent support for the spine regardless of body weight. In addition, it will keep its shape for years. Unpleasant pits are a thing of the past with these mattresses. Then there is another special feature: every mattress from bett1 is equipped with two degrees of firmness. By simply turning it, you can choose between being softer or harder.

Several mattresses for good dreams in the family bed

Parents and children spend the night together in a real family bed. So that every family member can sleep healthy and comfortably in the same bed, it is advisable to actually use different mattresses for adults and children. Children should not lie on soft mattresses. Babies in particular can sink too much into the mattress. The consequence – shortness of breath.

The child’s body is in constant growth. The spine and joints need a mattress that offers the highest possible stability and support. A degree of hardness H3 is therefore recommended. Adults are free to choose between H2-H4, as long as the mattress ensures that there is no deformation. Therefore, even for a comfortable family bed, the mattresses for parents and children should be selected individually.


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