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Frank Dux – Martial Artist and Fight Choreographer

Frank Dux is a martial artist and fight choreographer who claims to be a former Marine who served on covert missions in Southeast Asia. His exploits were featured in Black Belt magazine in 1980 and later served as inspiration for Jean-Claude Van Damme’s 1988 movie Bloodsport.

Dux ryu is an individualized self-defense system designed for fast progression based on strengths and weaknesses, teaching practical real world self defense to work against multiple attackers or on wet, soft ground.

Early Life and Education

Frank Dux is an award-winning martial artist and fight choreographer, having founded his own style of ninjutsu known as Dux Ryu. Additionally, he is known as an author of multiple self-defense books.

He gained fame in the 1980s after making claims to compete in an unofficial full-contact martial arts tournament known as Kumite and winning 329 matches. These stories attracted Jean-Claude Van Damme who cast him as his main character in Bloodsport, Lionheart and Only the Strong movies.

Dux’s claims have been challenged by critics due to inconsistencies and a lack of proof. Even his alleged mentor Senzo Tanaka may be fictional. To counter these criticisms, Dux has invoked Walter Mitty syndrome as an explanation: this mental condition allows people to spend too much time dreaming up ideal realities than actual ones.

Professional Career

Frank Dux first gained recognition through a guest spot on the television program That’s Incredible in the 1980s. Since the early 1970s, Dux has taught martial arts classes under his own brand: Dux Ryu Ninjitsu.

He claims to be a highly decorated Marine veteran and was deployed on covert missions throughout Southeast Asia. Additionally, he participated in 1975 Kumite, a secret martial arts competition held in the Bahamas, and his victory inspired the movie Bloodsport, released in 1988.

Dux has developed an effective self-defense system called FASST (Focus-Action-Skill-Strategy-Tactics). This teaches character development, self confidence and physical conditioning as well as combat techniques which have not been equalled for over 2000 years. He is certified as an instructor in 22 martial arts disciplines.

Achievement and Honors

Dux is well known as an instructor of martial arts; however he was also an accomplished fighter. He won the world full-contact Kokuryukai style kumite championship and went undefeated through 329 professional no-holds barred fights – retiring undefeated. Additionally he has been honored with induction into multiple Martial Arts Halls of Fame.

His real-world experience inspired him to establish the first American system of Ninjitsu long before its popularity peaked, as well as to found FASST Dux Ryu as a comprehensive multithreat countermeasure defensive tactics/force and martial art system.

His story serves as an ideal way to teach students the value of hard work. Additionally, it can serve to foster in them a strong sense of integrity among young people.

Personal Life

Dux was passionate about martial arts throughout his life and published articles for Black Belt Magazine about various techniques. Additionally, he founded Dux Ryu Ninjutsu- a style which combined traditional Japanese martial arts techniques with modern combat strategies – both techniques were covered extensively during these articles.

Bloodsport, released in 1988, was inspired by Dux’s experiences at Kumite tournaments that took place clandestinely throughout his life. Dux claimed to have won many matches and thus opened his own martial arts school.

He worked on movie sets as a fight choreographer, co-wrote The Quest’s screenplay alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme, and served in the American Marine Corps Reserve from 1975 to 1981 – even claiming covert missions in Southeast Asia!

Net Worth

Dux is a martial arts instructor and fight choreographer who has worked on numerous films. He developed Dux Ryu as an effective fighting system he claims is used by elite Black Ops units and Special Forces units as well as law enforcement – according to him it adheres to Koga Ninja root principles of adaptability and consistent change.

Dux’s claims about his fighting career have come under considerable scrutiny, as he stands accused of fabricating evidence about his medal of honor and teacher, Senzo Tanaka (which shares its name with one from Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel You Only Live Twice).

However, Dux has claimed to have won the Kumite tournament and showed off a trophy he purports to have bought from a trophy shop.

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