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Easter decorations in pastel tones

When spring comes, it won’t be long until Easter. Spring stands for a new beginning, Easter for rebirth. The symbolism of both spring festivals is obviously intertwined. In these days before the great feast of the resurrection of Christ, everything blossoms again after the long winter sleep, nature puts on her green robes and the first warming rays of the sun show through the clouds in the light blue sky. A certain lightheartedness and happiness can now be felt in the air. The birds are chirping outside and the first spring flowers are beginning to bloom. The tulips show us their delicate flowers in a cute pink, the daffodils grow lush and compete with their saturated yellow and the hyacinths have a pleasant smell and round off this natural sea of ​​colors with flowers in white, light blue and light purple. Especially shortly before Easter, nature shows us its wonderful beauties and makes our hearts beat faster.

Easter decorations in pastel colors are inspired by nature

Since everything around us is so enchantingly beautiful, many people and nature fans try to make their Easter decorations in pastel colors that are inspired by nature. It doesn’t always have to be overloaded, on the contrary – simple, even minimalist, but always gorgeous! Today we have put together such decorative ideas for Easter in our picture gallery that you cannot leave indifferent. Here the beauty of the spring-like nature is reflected and only in its delicate pastel colors. First of all, enjoy the pictures in peace and quiet and you might find a certain incentive to master your Easter decorations in pastel colors this year too!

We wish you a wonderful Easter!

Osterdeko in Pastellfarben

This bowl with Easter eggs in pastel shades can be easily transformed into a highlight of your entire Easter decoration at home

Schnelle Osterdeko in Pastelltönen

These pastel-colored Easter eggs are in visual harmony with the delicate tulips in the vase.

Osterdeko in Rosa rosa Eier

Pink eggs, pink buckets, pink blanket … pink flowers! Do we see through pink glasses?

Osterdeko tisch pastelltöne

Cute fabric balls in soft pastel colors fly through the air

minimalistische Osterdeko in Pastelltönen

Minimalistic Easter decoration with white tulips and decorated Easter eggs in pastel shades

Schöne Deko Ideen für Ostern in Pastellfarben

Light yellow Easter eggs in a nest of white carnations

Osterdeko Schale Ostereier in Pastelltönen

Celebrate Easter with the splendor of spring flowers and eggs in pastel colors

Ostereier in Pastellfarben mit Stempeln schön im Eierkarton

Easter eggs in pastel colors look beautiful and adorable anytime, anywhere

Deko Ideen für Ostern Osterdekoration in Pastelltönen

Your Easter decoration could look like this!

Osterdeko in Pastellfarben Girlanden ostern deko ideen

Garlands of light green Easter eggs decorate the banister

dekoideen ostern ostereierbaum

A bowl full of Easter eggs in pastel shades is complemented by a small spring branch with white flowers

Osterdekoration Ostereier in Pastelltönen kleine schwarze Punkte Osternest

The beauty of the pastel tones is emphasized by small black dots

Ostern Torte Ostereier Blumen

Everything in pastel colors – the Easter festival can begin!

Blau und zartes Rosa schöne Osterdeko

Blue and soft pink make the Easter decorations so beautiful

Frohes Osterfest skandinavisch dekorieren

Happy Easter! Decorate in a Scandinavian style in pastel colors!

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