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Eclectic apartments with vintage and rustic elements

Today we’re looking at a house that is located near East Vancouver, Canada. The interior is influenced by the European style. To be precise, the grocery store and cafe Le Marche St.George is located on the ground floor of the building. There are two separate, eclectic apartments on the second and third floors. The interior of both apartments is heavenly.

Briefly about the history of the actual building: The exact year of construction is unknown, but it had several owners until 1910. Today’s cafe was actually used as such for decades.

Take a look at the photos and be inspired:

The rental appartment

The gas fireplace still works to this day and also adds a lot of charm to the interior. The room design is rather simple, without any superfluous objects. The whitewashed brick walls have a neutral effect and highlight the picture and the small decorative elements.

Eclectic living room in white with gas fireplace-Eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Eclectic living room in white with gas fireplace

Towards the dining room, we see an exciting combination of industrial-style chairs and a bistro table. The abstract art on the wall is very precisely placed. The overall impression is uniform and elegant.

Stylish dining area with abstract picture-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Stylish dining area with an abstract picture on the wall

The wood complements the rough look of the industrial table and gives it a rustic touch.

Small dining area with industrial table and cut flowers-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Small dining area with an industrial table and cut flowers

Take a look at the kitchen splashback. The original bricks can still be seen, as well as behind the stove. The wall shelves in the background are rustic and are used to store the dishes.

Eclectic kitchen with rustic elements-Eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Eclectic cuisine with rustic elements

A filigree chandelier hangs from the ceiling and provides enough light for food preparation. Contemporary tableware was combined with rustic wall shelves.

Wonderful little kitchen with classic crystal chandelier and rustic wall shelves-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Wonderful little kitchen with a classic crystal chandelier and rustic wall shelves

The textiles in the apartment are natural. The authentic wooden floor and the doors make for a stylish interior with rustic elements.

Sunny living room with vintage furnishings-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Sunny living room with vintage furnishings

In the light-flooded living room you can imagine how the residents are enjoying their afternoon tea here. The three separate windows look old-fashioned and very charming.

Sunny living room with vintage furnishings-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Sunny living room with vintage furnishings

Another rustic element can be found in the bathroom. The bathroom was actually completely renovated.

Renovated bathroom with rustic wall shelf-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Renovated bathroom with rustic wall shelf

The fantastic bedroom has textiles specially imported from Mexico.

Cozy Small Bedroom-Eclectic Apartment Vintage Rustic

Cozy little bedroom

As you can see in the photos, a successful mix of old and new is created in this apartment and the boundaries in the furnishings are blurred. The doors are in their original colors and the dresser in the hallway is timeless. Classic pieces of furniture and contemporary lighting, however, add a modern flair. Thus a feeling of transcendence is created. All objects are in the right place and are stylish at the same time.

Hallway in vintage look-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Vintage look hallway

The photo on the wall decorates the hallway. A classic chandelier also looks professional.

Staircase and classic crystal chandelier-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Staircase and classic crystal chandelier

The red container with seasonal flowers and the old, rustic chest of drawers greet visitors at the entrance. On the next floor we discover more adorable ideas.

Authentic Vintage Dresser-Eclectic Apartment Vintage Rustic

Authentic vintage chest of drawers

The family apartment

The second apartment is even more comfortable and has mild color nuances. There are also soft textiles in neutral colors and antique furniture.

Rustic Home Design and Abstract Art-Eclectic Apartment Vintage Rustic

Rustic home design and abstract art on the wall

At first glance, the dining room appears predominantly rustic. The furniture was collected by the owners for years. Some were bought by chance and others found in antique shops.

Eclectic dining room with vintage elements-Eclectic flat vintage rustic

Eclectic dining room with vintage elements

Here we see the second gas fireplace. The owners decided to design the dining area next to it. The retro appearance of this room, the vintage and rustic elements add to the gorgeous effect. The steppe roller provides an interesting look and feel.

The living room is different from the rest of the apartment. The rustic wooden table and the wicker chair are used functionally here. The abstract art and the wooden frame, as well as the light textiles, ensure cosiness.

Cozy retreat with a rustic look-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Cozy retreat with a rustic look

Every piece of furniture has its own story. This piece has been reupholstered and given a hand-carved wooden frame. The design is reminiscent of classic pieces of furniture, but works harmoniously together with the eclectic furnishings.

Newly upholstered authentic sofa with wood frame-Eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Newly upholstered authentic sofa with wooden frame

A small bedroom can also look charming. White and gray tones work wonders here.

Small bedroom in white and gray-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Small bedroom in white and gray

This beautiful and cozy kitchen has character. The Gurney vintage white gas stove has been used for cooking since the middle of the 20th century.

Compact kitchen with vintage elements-eclectic apartment vintage rustic

Compact kitchen with vintage elements

This space is an impromptu retreat for reading and sunbathing.

Improvised Solarium-Eclectic Apartment Vintage Rustic

Improvised solarium

We have great respect for this design! Do you like the colors and the decor? Let us know.

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