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The old technique of stencil painting is experiencing a renaissance today. There are numerous templates to print out on the Internet, which makes redesigning room decorations at home easy and inexpensive, even for laypeople. You only need the appropriate tools and the appropriate aids to provide walls, furniture and decorative objects with all kinds of motifs and decorations. All you need is one or more stencils, brushes or sponges and special stencil paint in self-selected nuances.

The principle of stencil painting is very simple. First the template is fixed to the wall. Then the selected stencil color is applied to the open areas of the stencil. When the paint dries out well, the stencil is peeled off again.

Designing walls with stencils_1-idee stencil

Design walls with templates

Designing walls with stencils_2-idee stencil

Design walls with templates

With this technique there are no limits to the imagination, because instead of just one, you can use several stencils and also apply some paint. Many design ideas can be realized with templates – from simple, repetitive patterns to interwoven, multi-colored ornaments. All kinds of furniture, home accessories and doors can be designed with this technology to match the walls. The patterns of the stencils can be transferred much more easily to a smooth and clean base. But also uneven surfaces, such as textured wallpaper, can be embellished with stencils. The most important thing is the so-called dabbing technique, which delivers clean, drip-free results when used correctly. A special stencil brush with short, hard bristles is necessary for this. With such a brush you can easily apply the color in small or sharply cut patterns without the color getting behind the stencil. Alternatively, you can apply the color with a stencil sponge and achieve vivid color effects without any problems. An important prerequisite is to buy a suitable stencil paint, which should be very thick so as not to run behind the stencil and thereby make the pattern unsightly.

Decorate the walls yourself with a dab brush and stencil - idea stencil

Decorate the walls yourself with a dab brush and stencil

Butterfly stencil tinker idea stencil

Tinker butterfly stencil

With stencils that you can make yourself or order online, you can create artistic designs for home decor in no time at all. There are no limits to your own taste. Whether as a nice border or beautifully distributed over the wall, door and furniture – the result is impressive. As beautiful as staged by a talented painter!

Refresh the white wall idea stencil

freshen up the white wall

Decorate children's room with wall stencils - idea stencil

Decorate children’s room with wall stencils

simple yet beautiful wall stencil for the bedroom idea stencil

simple yet beautiful wall stencil for the bedroom

simple and beautiful in the living room idea template

simple and beautiful in the living room

Stylish children's room with stencils decorate idea stencil

Decorate a stylish children’s room with stencils

Stencil motifs fit wonderfully in every room of the apartment, because they leave a lot of free space for the development of your own creativity and are real, stylish eye-catchers. In the children’s room you can quickly and inexpensively create a fairytale-like, lovingly designed atmosphere with the wall decoration with stencils and bring a good mood into the house on gray rainy days. Whether beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies, whether flying birds and blossoming trees, whether individual letters and entire fonts or inspiring motifs from the folklore of distant countries – with a little imagination and creativity you can bring a lot of cosiness into your own home with stencil painting. We wish you a lot of fun decorating!

creative wall design brings a good mood to the apartment idea template

creative wall design brings a good mood into the apartment

Make wall painting yourself-idea stencil

Make wall painting yourself

White walls in the living room with stencils

Design white walls in the living room with stencils

Wall stencil dandelion for the living room idea stencil

Wall stencil dandelion for the living room

Wonderful stencils for the bathroom idea stencil

Beautiful stencils for the bathroom

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