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Effective, energy-efficient and inexpensive electric heating is now required

From September the weather changes all over Germany and it is getting cooler outside. As the outside temperatures gradually drop, the heating season begins inside! We all want to have a cozy warmth in our four walls and enjoy it day and night. But does your heating at home meet modern standards? Would you like to have a safe transition or additional heating that is also environmentally friendly? Question after question … According to current studies, the heating behavior of Germans has changed. You can determine the energy source yourself and more and more often choose a modern heating option that is energy-efficient and inexpensive. Do you perhaps know that you also have clever options for effective electric heating that you can set and control yourself thanks to modern technologies? Yes, in the following we want to report exactly about it. This is about modern electric heaters that meet the latest standards in house heating. Read on to find out more.

In many cases it is worthwhile to have a modern electric heater in your own home.

Elektroheizung Wärmekonvektor an der Wand weiß gerippt schickes Interieur Wohnzimmer

What advantages do modern electric heaters bring to our everyday lives?

In our world of advanced technology, it is wrong to think that electric heaters are considered a big waste of energy. This view is out of date, because modern electrical appliances offer you high energy efficiency, plus reliability and safety when heating. In addition, they are effective and powerful. For example, special heat storage stones are installed in a wall covector SPH from Technotherm. This ensures constant heat radiation and heat emission. The device transfers heat to the air by convection, creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in the room. In addition, the SPH electric heater is inexpensive because you don’t necessarily have to dig too deep into your pocket. In this way, you can save enormous amounts of electricity and reduce your electrical bill. With modern electric heating at home you are also doing something good for the environment and the climate. There are no CO2 emissions and no pollution. Your home stays clean, but pleasantly warm.

With modern electric heating you make a small contribution to environmental protection.

Elektroheizung weißer Wärmekonvektor unter dem Fenster dunkelgraue Wand visueller Kontrast

Where energy efficiency, chic design and modern technologies meet …

The advantages of modern electric heating systems described above are not exhausted. You also have to include the perfect design of the heating devices. The heat convector SPH is extremely flat and has horizontally arranged design stripes. Inconspicuous and very elegant in design, it can be used in any interior. You can use this heating device in the living room or bedroom, in the children’s room and even in the bathroom, because there are models that are provided with water splash protection. Thanks to the built-in thermostat, you can set separate room temperatures and various time programs, depending on your own needs.

In terms of modern design, the contemporary warming devices leave nothing to be desired.

Elektroheizung Schlafzimmer Kinderzimmer unter der Dachschräge hell einfach eingerichtet weißer Wandkonvektor unauffällig an der Wand

They are elegantly designed, do not take up much space and fit perfectly into any interior.

Elektroheizung elegant designt als schwarze Tafel an der Wand in der Küche wenig Platz einnehmen schreibt sich gut ins Interieur einschreiben

In addition, this modern electric heater is easy to use. This gives you three options to control the thermostat. First, with a TDI thermostat, manual control is possible directly on the device. You can also enter inexpensive daily and weekly programs. Second, with a built-in DSM thermostat, the electric heating can be controlled via the Internet using a special Technotherm app. Thirdly, there is a wireless version available that you can use to enter all of your electrical devices into your own smart home solution. So you have the freedom to adapt your electric heater to your individual needs. For example, you can switch on your electronic device on the way home using your mobile phone and enter the desired temperature. When you arrive at home, you will feel the cozy warmth in the interior. Instead of worrying about heating only then, you have more time to really relax in the already heated room.

We call this the perfect symbiosis between new technologies and energy efficiency.

Elektroheizung Internet Steuerung über Handy und App Symbiose zwischen neuen Technologien und Energieeffizienz

If we have piqued your interest, you can continue researching online. For example, at elektroheizung-direkt.de you can find out everything you need to know about energy-efficient control using a DSM thermostat. Inquire about innovative options such as a combination heater consisting of a convector and partial storage heater and benefit from a lot of other technical information. Of course, you can also get advice over the phone and order your convector online. So you have the opportunity to look forward to your new, effective, energy-efficient and inexpensive electric heating at home soon!

Inconspicuous chic design and energy efficiency go hand in hand here.

Elektroheizung Wandkonvektor weiß schickes unauffälliges Design Energieeffizienz leichte Steuerung

You can find out more online about individual models of heat convectors, their performance, dimensions and weight.

Elektroheizung Wandkonvektor verschiedene Modelle unterschiedliche Leistung Anmessungen Gewicht

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