Electronic parking discs are prohibited!

At least for some time: a mistake! The majority of electronic parking discs is allowed. A type approval from the KBA must have been granted for the parking disc and some features must apply – we will explain these below. Forbidden are, however moving parking discs that “keep turning themselves”!


These electronic parking discs are permitted:

Electronic parking discs, the one Type approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority. The legislature already allowed certain electronic parking discs in 2005. The following characteristics must be met in order not to park illegally:

  • after the motor has been switched off, the parking disc may no longer change its setting
  • the P (white on blue) must be printed on the front (traffic sign 314)
  • the display must be at least 2cm high
  • the time must be shown in 24-hour format (e.g. 21:15)
  • it must be easy to read from the outside
  • type approval must be granted

Permitted electronic parking discs with type approval are, for example, the Needit Park Lite for around 21 € or the GoPark from TFA Dostmann for just under 30 €.

This is how electronic parking discs work

The windows recognize by means of a “motion detector” when the vehicle is stationary / is parked. You then automatically set the arrival time to half an hour after the current time. Example: You park at the supermarket at 16:38 – the disc automatically sets the arrival time to 5:00 p.m.

Automatic parking discs particularly useful for monitored supermarket parking spaces!

More and more supermarket parking spaces are taking part in the so-called “park rip-off”: Private companies distribute alleged parking tickets of around € 30 if there is no parking disc in the car while shopping. We have already reported on the rip-off of the Park & ​​Control company at Motoreport. If as many drivers as possible use such an electronic (or analog) parking disc, you can quickly turn off the money to the rip-off companies.


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