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Enhance every room with an individual ceiling paneling

If the house is to be renovated or refurbished, it is best to freshen up the ceiling right away. Not only can you incorporate harmonious lighting into a new stretch ceiling, it is also the ideal place for mirrors to visually enlarge the room in a very simple way. You don’t need to hire a specialist company to stretch a plastic ceiling; even laypeople can easily pull in the ceiling in just a few simple steps. But it is best to get support from friends or relatives, because working in the house is much more fun and much faster!

Why put in a stretch ceiling?

With a sturdy stretch ceiling, it is possible to simply hide unsightly cables. For example, if you want to put in a stretch ceiling in your bedroom that has a flat screen TV, you can easily hide the necessary wiring for electricity and satellite reception between the ceiling and the new stretch ceiling. But keep in mind that a large TV can be very heavy! You cannot screw it to the fixation for the stretch ceiling, you need a stable TV bracket for the ceiling behind the newly inserted stretch ceiling.

High-quality stretch ceilings are also ideal for saving energy. It’s not so hot in summer, especially in the case of apartments in the attic, a stretch ceiling can ensure that not so much heat penetrates the apartment through the roof. In winter, when you heat, the heat can be better retained in the room. The reason for this are insulating materials, which can be selected if necessary. However, this is not necessary for every stretch ceiling. If you live in a multi-storey home, you might want the heat from the ground floor to penetrate to all the other floors. There are also fireproof stretch ceilings, which provide increased security, especially in rooms with an open fireplace.

With Plameco, the ceiling can be replaced quickly and easily. As with other manufacturers, there are microorganism-repellent materials for stretch ceilings. In this way you not only ensure that moisture cannot spread in the house, but also mold, bacteria and fungi no longer stand a chance in your own home! If you want to soundproof part of the house, stretch ceilings are also ideal. If several generations live together in one house, the different sleep needs of different ages are taken into account. Family members can take better care of each other without having to take themselves back.

What to do with the furniture while the ceiling is being re-clad?

With most stretch ceilings, there is no need to move furniture out of the room. There is no bricklaying or plastering work, even with inexperienced people, the installation of a stretch ceiling usually doesn’t take longer than a day – in the evening you can enjoy the new lighting in the living room or the breathtaking acoustics in the hobby room!

Stretch ceilings are particularly popular in offices. If many people work together in a small space, modern stretch ceilings ensure that the individual departments do not interfere with one another. There are lower heating costs, and energy can be saved in summer because an office with a thermally insulating stretch ceiling does not need an air conditioning system set to full power.

In open-plan offices in particular, all employees appreciate the fact that they don’t have to stumble over cables in the IT systems that are lying around. Power and other cables can simply be routed along the ceiling and diverted to a suitable point on the wall of the room. Color-coded plastic cladding is ideal here, so that the cables in the office are laid as invisibly as possible without having to pry open the room wall.

Does the room get smaller when a new stretch ceiling is put in place?

The brackets for the stretch ceiling are usually extremely space-saving. Pay attention to the ceiling in the restaurant or at your next visit to the doctor: you will find that stretch ceilings are used wherever there are many people in a confined space and it is still not excessively loud. You can also use this advantage of stretch ceilings in your own four walls!

A stretch ceiling is also very suitable in the garage or in your own hobby workshop to dampen the noise and ensure peace and quiet in the house. In addition, you do not have to heat so much, since modern stretch ceilings not only dampen acoustic signals, but also have a thermally insulating effect. If you work in the home office, a modern stretch ceiling not only ensures an appealing look and ideal lighting for your own office, it is also possible to work comfortably, as annoying and distracting noises simply stay outside.

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