Enid Denton

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Denton is best-known as part of Salt-N-Pepa, an all-female rap group. Additionally, she has appeared in several films such as crime drama “3 A.M.” and romantic comedy “Book of Love.”

Early Life and Education

Denton was raised on farms in a tight-knit community. While visiting friends often required hiking through cornfields or down country roads, she expanded her worldview through reading, traveling and creating games with her mother’s dress-up clothes – including her beloved fox stoles, prim hats with long veils dangling over her eyes and formal prom dresses that her daughters fondly remember from this period in time.

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Professional Career

Denton appeared in both Joe’s Apartment and Oz and The Surreal Life on HBO television series, in addition to several music videos such as those for hits “Need U Bad” and “Let’s Talk About Pep”.

Denton is one of the founding members of hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa, which released their debut album Brand New in 1996. Although disbanded in 2002, Salt-N-Pepa reunited in 2008 and are currently working on new material for release.

Denton published her autobiography Let’s Talk About Pep in 2008. In it she discusses her life, including revealing she suffered sexual abuse as a child and was introduced by Queen Latifah. Denton currently stars on VH1 reality show Growing Up Hip Hop.

Achievement and Honors

Enid was an assertive and customer-centric realtor, always working towards meeting her clients’ goals. Her hard work and devotion helped her win multiple annual sales awards from RE/MAX Associates.

She was honored with the 2018 Emerging Leader Abie Award for her contributions to technical women’s community. Additionally, she serves as a member of International Society for Education Through Art (USSEA) editorial board and has written or co-written over 135 articles and 22 books.

Mother of three children and grandmother to four grandchildren, she leaves a legacy of love, hard work and generosity which continues to guide her life today. She strives to be the best at what she does while mentoring young professionals – passionate about seeing others achieve success!

Personal Life

Enid Denton was a caring individual who always put her family first. She worked hard and loved helping people.

She had a deep-seated faith in God and was dedicated to her family’s spiritual development. Additionally, she enjoyed sewing and cooking – she was very bright with an exceptional memory.

After returning to New York, she graduated from Springfield Gardens High School and attended Queensborough Community College – where she met future husband Salt-N-Pepa, rapper/music producer/performer/actress/entrepreneur.

Nan leaves behind five children: Myron Jones and wife Devin, Iyawna Dixon, Frank (Bucc) Jones and Lacey, Quincy Jones and Brittaney as well as fifteen Grandchildren as well as numerous Nieces, Nephews and Cousins. Nan was an active member of her church community.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Denton is estimated to be worth an estimated $15 Million. She is best-known for her work with Salt-N-Pepa, the female rap group that has released several Gold or Platinum-certified albums. Denton has also ventured into acting; appearing in Joe’s Apartment and Oz movies respectively as well as various reality shows like Salt-N-Pepa Show and Growing Up Hip Hop.

Denton has had multiple relationships: initially engaged to rapper Prince Markie Dee in the mid-1980s and later dating New York City rapper Tyran “Tah-Tah” Moore before marrying Naughty by Nature member Anthony Criss (known as Treach) in 1999 and giving birth to Egypt Jahnari as their child together. She owns HollyHood clothing store.

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