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Equip a great outdoor kitchen yourself

If you are lucky enough to live in a house and have a beautiful green garden, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to introduce you to some practical ideas for a great outdoor kitchen design. Cooking outdoors under blossoming trees and flowers, in the fresh air with a pleasant smell of freshly mown grass, is really fun!

Outdoor kitchen tiled floor garden furniture barbecue wooden cabinets

Great outdoor wood and brick kitchen

The outdoor kitchens are a cozy place for the preparation of various dishes, grilling and receiving guests from spring to late autumn. In summer, you can create a shady corner where the heat does not disturb your free time. During the cool spring and autumn evenings, you can turn on the fireplace and spend hours relaxing with friends and having a great time.

Stylish garden kitchen wood partitions

Stylish garden kitchen with wooden dividers

The outdoor kitchen very often consists of a barbecue and a dining table. If the free space in the garden is not enough for larger equipment, this equipment is completely sufficient. The larger space outside offers a greater variety of great interior design ideas. In this case, your garden kitchen can have kitchen appliances, a sink, kitchen cabinets, a counter, a dining area and a cozy corner for relaxation. With a refrigerator outside, you don’t have to go back and forth often to get something, which saves you a lot of time that you can spend more comfortably.

Homemade counter in the garden kitchen, outdoor kitchen, wooden panel bar stool

Homemade counter with concrete legs and wooden top

Depending on the available space in the garden, your outdoor kitchen can be built on the veranda, in a gazebo or outdoors with one, two or three walls with a canopy. Opt for weather and water-resistant materials for your kitchen furniture. The counter can be made of natural stone, bricks, natural wood. We recommend worktops made of stainless steel, natural stone or natural wood, as these surfaces are used most often and they should be very stable, firm and resistant.

Modern outdoor kitchen bench with blue cushions made of stainless steel

You can plant lush flowers over the roof of your outdoor kitchen

Use your imagination and create the most comfortable seating furniture that will invite you to chat with your friends for hours. In addition to traditional wooden seating, the benches and chairs made of stone or concrete are also a good option. You can of course decorate these with comfortable, brightly colored seat cushions and in this way treat yourself to more comfort outside. You could design the dining area with tree stumps, which looks very natural and cozy. Carefully choose the place for the dining area – a shady spot under a tree or a vine arbor are ideal for those hot summer days.

DIY outdoor kitchen wooden cabinet built-in sink wooden shelves

Built-in sink in a homemade wooden counter

If so far you’ve been doing everything according to our tips or your own preferences, then it’s time you started putting some thought into decorating your outdoor kitchen. The matching light bodies for the garden are the colorful lanterns, fairy lights and solar lights. Get bright, directional light that falls directly over the countertop and sink where you will prepare delicious dishes. Decorate the kitchen cabinets and countertops with unique flower pots, copper vessels and baskets of dried flowers.

white bar stool bricks outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is often a practical addition to the home kitchen

For the good time in the garden you don’t need a lot of extras that you should spend a lot of money on, but delicious dishes, cheerful company and a good atmosphere!

Outdoor kitchen barbecue wooden benches dining table canopy

You can use your old appliances from home for the garden kitchen

stylish outdoor kitchen in black hanging lamp palm trees

Stylish garden kitchen in black under great palm trees

Wooden floor bar stool outdoor kitchen

Comfortable outdoor kitchen on the veranda

Conservatory design black plate wooden furniture outdoor kitchen

Simple kitchen in the winter garden

Canopy white ceiling gray Mübel garden kitchen

The roofing of your outdoor kitchen protects the furniture from sun and rain

Designer outdoor kitchen solid wood panel gray pendant lamp

A very comfortable designer outdoor kitchen with a trendy look

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